British driver Hegarty died in GP race

A fatal accident of the British driver Daniel Hegarty cut short the Motorcycle Grand Prix race today (Saturday), medical sources told MDT. 
It was the 7th of 12 laps when the Topgun Racing rider lost control and hit the barriers at the Fisherman's Bend (Curva dos Pescadores). The potent impact left Hegarty lying motionless on the track with his motorcycle in pieces, according to witnesses.
The driver was sent to the hospital, but apparently he was already dead, according to Radio Macau - Chinese. 
The race ended a few minutes later and the podium turned out to be totally British. 
Glenn Irwin (Tak Chun Racing) was the winner of this year's edition. Peter Hickman and Michael Rutter, the 8-times Macau GP winner (both from SMT/Bathams by MGM Macau) 
came in second and third respectively.

The team leaders of Topgun Racing were called for a meeting with the race organizers.

The Grand Prix Committee confirmed the fatality at a press conference held around 6:30pm. 
“It is with deep regret that the Grand Prix Committee informed that the British rider succumbed from his injuries during the ambulance ride to Hospital Conde de Sao Januario,” the Sports Bureau President Pun Weng Kun said at the press conference.
The driver, 31, lost control of his Honda during the 7th lap of the race crashing against the track walls at the Fisherman's Bend.

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