MUST develops new air filtration system that can target coronavirus

Jiang Zhi-Hong

The research team of Macau University of Science and Technology (MUST), working with other research institutions, has developed an air filtration system that can be used to “effectively kill” the Covid-19 coronavirus.
The research is a joint project between MUST, Hong Kong University, Tsinghua University and Guangzhou Medical University.
After six months of research and development, the FUCI (Filtration Unit for Coronavirus Inactivation) system has finally been tested and verified by the HKU P3 laboratory. It is proven to neutralize coronaviruses and influenzas with a success rate of 99.46%.
The product is one of only few air purification systems in the world that has been approved by a third level biosafety laboratory.
MUST has formed a partnership with Zhong Shan’s Green Recycling Co. which will undertake the production and development of FUCI so that it can be available to the wider market. Jiang Zhi-Hong, vice president of MUST, estimates that the FUCI system will cost around MOP30,000 per unit.
FUCI must be installed in an existing air conditioner. The filter uses high voltage electrostatic interception and ultraviolet radiation to combat the diseases. The lining of the filtration unit is coated with polyphenol to achieve efficient air purification.
The system can remove up to 95% of bacteria and microorganisms in the span of one hour. FUCI can also filter out microbes as small as 0.003 mg/m3.
The MUST team has received support from other researchers and professors including Associate Professor Mo Jinhan from the Department of Building Technology Science of Tsinghua University and Professor Yang Zifeng from Guangzhou Medical University.
The MUST team is currently in talks with large hotels and integrated resorts in Macau to implement the system in busy public areas. The government has also shown interest in using the filtration system in the Macau Science Center. The University believes that this will help prepare Macau for tourism in the coming weeks. Staff Reporter

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