Pearl Horizon buyers take to streets again

Some 100 buyers of the pre-sold, but never-completed, premium residential project Pearl Horizon took to the streets again yesterday, urging the government to honor their transactions.

The protestors were those who had failed to register their transactions with the government. Under the law then in effect, even pre-sold apartments should have an ownership registration.

The failure of doing so has denied them the chance to purchase transit apartments under a new scheme launched by the government.

As such, the protest yesterday urged the government to honor their contracts made with Polytec, the original developer of the residential project, so that they can receive their purchases in the future.

They also want supplementary registration conducted for their pre-sold purchases, in order to allow them to get transit apartments.

The protesters are also calling for the current government to resolve the dispute, as they have been insisting for the past few years. They also requested the Central Government – and in particular Chinese President Xi Jinping – for help, as they noted on one of the banners for protest yesterday.

The protest was conducted peacefully yesterday. The march started from the original Pearl Horizon site, and ended at the Government Headquarters.

Complaints were played through speakers in Mandarin.

Meanwhile, Secretary for Administration and Justice Sonia Chan’s office reiterated that the transit apartment mechanism had not been made especially for Pearl Horizon buyers. The office emphasized that there are legal provisions that must be followed.

Chan’s office explained that property registration is crucial because it constitutes legal recognition of the pre-sold property’s buyer. Staff reporter

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