Policy Address | Economy chief calls on public to spend cash handouts locally

The Secretary for Economy and Finance Lei Wai Nong has encouraged local residents to use the money from next year’s cash handout scheme to boost the local economy.
During Friday’s Legislative Assembly (AL) plenary meeting, lawmaker Ho Ion Sang asked the local government to confirm that cash will be given out in next year’s cash handout scheme.
Earlier this year, Chief Executive Ho Iat Seng mentioned adjusting next year’s cash handout scheme, especially in the way the money will be distributed. The public has been concerned that the SAR government may hand out the equivalent amount in the form of e-vouchers instead of cash, which will limit the ways people use the money.
“The public has different opinions regarding how we are going to use the 10,000 patacas. Eventually, the society decided that the 10,000 patacas will be given in cash,” Lei remarked.
“If the 10,000 patacas can enter Macau’s market, there would be a positive impact on the market because our consumption is directly linked to our jobs. I encourage the public to leave the money in Macau, to support Macau SMEs and to support ourselves,” Lei said.
As of today, the Macau SAR government has launched two rounds of financial assistance to help stimulate the local economy. The public, including lawmakers, has been calling for a third round.
Responding to society’s opinions, Lei only commented that the government will not “close the door” on the possibility of a third round of financial assistance. However, Lei made it clear that the third round of the financial support scheme will only be launched when there are “unique” economic conditions requiring government assistance.
The SAR government hopes that the developing financial assistance mechanism for special times does not become a routine.

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