Popular 2022 Sands Shopping Carnival boosts SMEs’ revenues amid pandemic

The annual Sands Shopping Carnival has once again been a massive success as the city’s largest shopping festival, with this year’s event attracting more than 100,000 visits.

With local retailers heavily hit by the pandemic, suffering setbacks from the gloomy economic climate, Sands China has spared no effort to provide a free business platform for local, small, and medium enterprises (SMEs) and Sands Shoppes retailers during the pandemic.

For the gaming operator, giving back to society, especially to local firms, remains a priority – economic turmoil or not.

Originally scheduled for July, the carnival was postponed to September 10 to 12, coinciding with Mid-Autumn Festival this year, and was officially launched with representatives from the government, finance and business sectors in attendance.

With Sands China’s unwavering determination and commitment to the community, the carnival not only provided an ideal shopping and leisure hotspot for families, but it also offered the best deals to Macau residents and tourists to stimulate domestic consumption and help boost the economy.

“The Sands Shopping Carnival was born out of our desire to uphold the business philosophy of supporting the growth of SMEs and the SAR government’s economic revival initiative amid the pandemic period,” said Dr. Wong, president of Sands China Ltd.

“It was beyond our expectations when its debut was so widely successful, with visits exceeding 100,000 during the three-day event. The synergistic effect between local and international brands helps boost the Consume for the Economy initiative, making local businesses achieve positive outcomes,” the executive added.

The three-day mega event caused buzz and excitement in town, attracting over 100,000 arrivals, keeping retailers extremely busy selling their products left and right – a scene SMEs have long hoped for.

It is the third year that Sands China has held the event, and total visits for the three carnivals exceeded 310,000.

Opened to the public admission-free from noon to 10 p.m. daily, Saturday-Monday, Sept. 10-12 at Cotai Expo Halls A and B, booths were free of charge to exhibitors to sign up for again this year. In all, the 2022 Sands Shopping Carnival comprised over 530 booths and featured eight exhibition zones across 21,000 square metres: Sands retailers; household products; family fun products; gourmet; healthy lifestyle; sports accessories; cultural, creative and IP; and children’s entertainment.

Among its more than 260,000 products, the 2022 Sands Shopping Carnival offered 12,000 special daily MOP1 items to spoil shoppers during their weekend shopping sprees.

On-site support

Sands Cares Ambassadors provided on-site support to local community organisations who were invited to participate in the carnival, and manned booths run by community organisations as part of the company’s ongoing support to social inclusion.

A 15th anniversary milestone

As The Venetian Macao celebrates its 15th anniversary this year, the third Sands Shopping Carnival is one of the milestones of the concerted effort between Sands China and the Macau community.

“Come rain or shine, we remain unwavering in our commitment to walk alongside the Macau community,” said Dr. Wong.

“We also strive to support the development of local SMEs by providing them a free business platform in this largest sale event in Macau, with an objective to transform it into one of the significant events in the city,” he added.

For Dr. Wong, efforts made during these three years have paid off, as they have contributed to both the local economy and the community. 

The 2022 Sands Shopping Carnival was the result of the collaboration and support of many parties. It was organised by Sands China Ltd., co-organised by the Macao Chamber of Commerce, supported by the Economic and Technological Development Bureau, the Macao Government Tourism Office, and the Macao Trade and Investment Promotion Institute, and the Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau, and sponsored by Bank of China Macau Branch, ICBC (Macau), BNU and Bank of Communications Macau Branch.

Local businesses achieve positive outcomes 

Local retailers and non-government associations have expressed their utmost gratitude to Sands China Ltd. for providing a platform to showcase their products and services.

“This is the greatest event for our company,” says Lao Kam Chio, Managing Director of Macau Plops Investment Ltd.

“We have participated in other similar events, but the past two editions have been the most successful ones for our company,” said the managing director.

Sands China has always worked to ensure local businesses achieve positive outcomes.

Starting from the beginning of this year, the company began receiving many enquiries from local SMEs asking about the carnival’s opening date.

For Lao, carnivals such as this are significant for boosting their revenues, as SMEs in the city have long been struggling under the turmoil of the pandemic’s economic impact on them.

Hetzer Sio

Chan In Cheng

Ivan Ao Ieong

Emilia So

Emilia So, another retailer at the event, echoed the same sentiments. 

Her store, Serendipity Handmade, retails natural products from Japan that can be used as essential oils and perfumes.

“We’re [confident] that this event will certainly drive more sales as it coincides with the Mid-Autumn Festival,” said the SME owner.

“Visitors here have a rather strong will to purchase goods so we’re confident,” she added, noting that exhibitions such as the carnival help boost local SMEs’ exposure – which is what local firms now need. 

For some retailers such as  On Kei Frozen Meat Food,  Ivan Ao Ieong who oversees the company said Sands Shopping Carnival have provided a huge boost for revenue, each time up to 30% over the last two years.

Meanwhile, for Macau Special Olympics, the group considers the carnival an extremely beneficial platform for the association’s members to interact with the public.

“This platform helps our users have the chance to practice their social skills with guests attending the carnival, and aside from promoting our services to the public so they learn more about us, it helps the public know that they can do something for the community,” said Hetzer Siu, National Director of Macau Special Olympics.

“It’s very important for us, in an inclusive society, to have interactions with the community […] and this is a good platform,” he added. 

Meanwhile, participating for the third time, the Everyone Stray Dogs Macau Volunteer Group has a mission to rescue animals that have been abandoned or have been strays.

The NGO has rescued about 600 animals, 95% of which are stray dogs. 

Chairman of the association, Chan In Cheng, has expressed gratitude to Sands China for allowing them to promote their goal in a free business platform where they could earn income by also selling the association’s merchandise.

Sands China pledges it will continue its unwavering support for local SMEs and NGOs, and make every effort to assist them.


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