Principal officials are targets in Coloane plot investigation

Ip Son Sang

The Public Prosecution Office (MP) has already initiated investigation procedures on the case of the stalled construction project at Alto de Coloane. This announcement was made by Prosecutor General Ip Son Sang while he attended the Liaison Office’s Chinese New Year cocktail party at the Macau Tower yesterday.

“[We] will certainly carry out a relevant investigation if there are any signs of crimes [because] the Commission Against Corruption’s (CCAC) report mentioned that there has been a fraud regarding administrative violations of discipline,” said Ip, He continued by saying that, regarding these violations, “I believe the current administration authority has its own investigation policy and its own established procedures.”

According to Ip, the prosecution authority opened the case as soon as it received the report from the CCAC.

As Ip pointed out, the case dates back to 1903, making it “a century-old issue” that “involves a considerable amount of work.”

“If the land indeed belongs to the state, naturally the next step will consist of recovering the land back to the state’s ownership,” said Ip, adding “however, [we] have to wait for the investigation results.”

When asked whether MP will investigate the current principal officials from relevant departments, Ip replied, “we will investigate every person related to this case.”

“Whether [these people] are currently under employment or not is not an aspect we will consider [regarding the investigation] because all citizens are equal before the law,” Ip noted.

Currently, Ip does “not dare” to give an answer to the media regarding the case’s time frame.

Both the Secretary for Transport and Public Works, Raimundo Araris do Rosário, and the Chief Executive, Chui Sai On, attended yesterday’s party at the Macau Tower.

Rosário, on the sideline of the cocktail event, did not comment on the case. 

Chief Executive Chui told the media that the case would be handled “according to the law.”

“I think the MP will investigate it exhaustively. If there is [proof] of violation of discipline or if there are illegal acts, then, of course, [the related parties] will be held accountable,” Chui said.

According to Chui, he referred the CCAC report to the MP immediately after an analysis of relevant laws was completed.

Chui noted that due to the complex issues, this case will be delivered to the prosecution authority.

On Tuesday, the CCAC released their investigation report on the construction project at Alto de Coloane, listing many irregularities and claiming that the Macau government should recover the land plots that collectively cover more than 50,000 square meters.

Earlier, CCAC Commissioner André Cheong said that he “believes that there is existing” misconduct in the administration of the related government departments. JZ

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