Red Market rebuilding to keep internal structure and decoration

The rebuilding plan for the Red Market proposes to retain the market’s internal characteristics, according to the plan’s details revealed this week by the Urban Planning Committee.

The Red Market is one of the items listed by the city’s cultural heritage protection law. The planning draft proposes dividing the red street market building and its surrounding buildings into two areas.

The Red Market’s architecture is to have its full façade preserved, and no height increase will be allowed.

All internal characteristics, including the space arrangement and the decorations, are required to be kept.

In addition, the current characteristics of the fences should also be maintained.

All buildings surrounding the market will be restricted to their current height.

The public can submit their opinions on the draft until November 6.

The Red Market is classified as an immovable property in Macau under the category of buildings of architectural interest. This market opened in 1936, selling vegetables and other fresh food supplies.

The two-story brick building is symmetrical in layout, has a clock tower in the middle and a watchtower in every corner. It is a typical example of modern architecture.

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