Sands China works with local SME to provide pandemic relief

A local small and medium enterprise (SME) has been actively collaborating with Sands China Ltd. to supply necessary products during the coronavirus pandemic, as the gaming operator continually seeks to alleviate and support local enterprises despite the ongoing health and economic crisis.
In the early stage of the pandemic, Sands China needed to procure a large quantity of masks and searched for appropriate suppliers in its database.
Local firm Naija Industries Limited proactively contacted the gaming operator to inform them that they could supply facemasks to the group as the city was facing a shortage.
An affiliated company of Naija based in Fujian produces masks and has obtained accreditation from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and therefore meets international standards.
Since there was a shortage of masks globally, the company changed its other production lines to manufacture face masks.
“As a result, we received orders totalling 500,000 face masks placed by Sands China and we delivered the goods within a short period of time, thereby making our contributions to not only the enterprise but also the city in the fight against the pandemic,” said Chan Kin Choi, General Manager of Naija Industries Limited.
Given that the pandemic is not yet over, Sands China still needs to procure a large quantity of masks to increase inventory, and Naija is one of its major mask suppliers.

The local SME’s collaboration with Sands China came about as a result of the gaming operator’s continual search for local suppliers, heeding the government’s call to increase procurement with local SMEs.
It was in 2015 when Sands China took the lead in cooperating with the Macao Chamber of Commerce to launch the company’s SME Supplier Support Programme and established an online platform to attract interested SMEs to potentially become one of its suppliers.
The programme is part of the Sands China’s supplier relationship management strategy, which guides its long-standing effort to support local suppliers, whom it views as its strategic partners.
Sands China’s Local Supplier Support Programme is the first programme of its kind in Macao – a pioneering initiative that helped spearhead industry efforts to support local SMEs and “buy local.”
Thus, Naija Industrial Limited filed its application via Sands China’s online platform in 2017. After the bidding procedures and internal evaluation, the gaming operator worked with Naija and passed them some small-value procurement orders, which mainly involved producing souvenirs and other products for its departments.
Through this collaboration, the local firm provides customized products, such as fabric bags, eco-friendly shopping bags, wristbands, employee identification cards and souvenirs.
“At first, we started the collaboration with small-volume orders and Sands China has gradually increased its purchases, which now accounts for around 20% of our overall business volume,” said Chan.
“Being a large enterprise, Sands China pays a great deal of attention to procedures, workflow and mutual communication with a conscientious and meticulous attitude. Other enterprises now have more faith in us after learning of our collaboration with Sands China,” the executive added.
In addition, the SME also participates in the practical training programmes launched by the Sands Procurement Academy, seeking to gain deeper knowledge of business operations and enhance its competitiveness.
Sands China understands that all industries have been put under great pressure amid the pandemic. Thus, the gaming operator has paid cash for all its procurement in advance so that SMEs can provide products and services to Sands China without any financial worries.
Gaming operators have been continuously supporting and increasing procurement from SMEs and Sands China welcomes SMEs to contact them via its online platform.
Cathy Lo, Assistant Procurement Manager of Sands China’s Procurement & Supply Chain commended Naija for providing quality products and quick delivery, and says the SME has no problem in tailor-making products for clients.

“We have received positive feedback from our user departments. Naija is also willing to accept orders for small amounts or urgently needed supplies. In view of the smooth cooperation, Sands China has gradually increased its procurement amount tenfold compared with that of the early period,” Lo explained.
Furthermore, while the pandemic has brought negative effects to society and the economy, Sands China has continued welcoming SMEs of different types and sizes to initiate contact.
Specifically, Sands China recommends that SMEs proactively give an in-depth introduction to all of their services and products, and to provide Sands China with their latest product information.
According to the gaming operator’s procurement team, a quick response to procurement orders and prompt delivery of quality products during the pandemic would help an enterprise’s chances of establishing long-term cooperation with Sands China.

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