Security: DNA database to move forward

The creation of a Macau DNA database for criminal investigations is considered very important work by the Secretary for Security, Wong Sio Chak, who says that this work should move forward next year.

“Creating the DNA database is a very important work because it will contribute to the prevention of crime,” Wong said during the Q&A session with the lawmakers on the Policy Address for 2023 (LAG23) on Friday evening.

For the security chief, this database may also help some civil cases, noting that the process would strictly abide by the law that provides that DNA samples may only be collected with consent.

Wong said there are no moral or ethical concerns related to the DNA database as the purpose of the collection and storage of this information is to aid criminal and civil investigations.

The same high official noted that the database is regulated by local laws, including laws limiting periods of data storage, so people should not be concerned that the DNA might be used for other purposes. Wong also dismissed the idea that to create a DNA database involves many ethical and moral considerations and may potentially put at risk both safety and the people’s right to privacy.

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