Seven join employment scheme for disabled during first month

The Social Security Fund (FSS) has implemented the Employment Incentive Program for Disability Pension Beneficiaries to promote participation of people with disabilities in the workforce. 
The program kicked off on January 1, with seven people joining during the first month.
According a statement from the bureau, the FSS intends to continue actively contacting social service agencies and relevant beneficiaries, and will increase publicity in order to expand the program’s reach to a wider number of people.

The scheme applies to beneficiaries who are currently receiving a disability pension or temporary disability subsidy and are interested in seeking employment.  Interested parties can make an application to the FSS to do trial work for a pre-specified period. 
Beneficiaries who are still unable to integrate fully into the labor market after completing the trial work, but who have not exceeded the trial work duration, are able to continue receiving the disability pension or subsidy.
Only when the beneficiary’s trial work duration ends will he or she be deemed to have integrated formally into the labor market, causing the benefit to be discontinued.
Beneficiaries may do the trial work up to two times within 12 months.

Participation in the incentive program is voluntary.

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