Shaking things up 

The Upper House in Hong Kong welcomes Hope & Sesame to Salisterra Bar for an exclusive guest shift on Sunday, 14 July 2024. Bastian Ciocca and Andrew Ho, master mixologists and Hope & Sesame founders, will be stirring up excitement with meticulously crafted cocktails.

Tucked behind a traditional Cantonese store in the heart of old Guangzhou, Hope & Sesame opened in March 2016 as the city’s first speakeasy.

Known for incorporating innovative techniques like sous vide infusions and dry ice distillation, the bar has received numerous accolades, including being listed at No. 39 on Asia’s 50 Best Bars 2023 and being named The Best Bar in Mainland China 2023.

At Salisterra Bar, guests can look forward to tasting some of Hope & Sesame’s signature concoctions, which feature surprising elements. ANGO is an adaptation of the classic cocktail Trinidad Sour, using Angostura bitters combined with aged rum as its base.

It incorporates a balsamic vinegar reduction syrup, complemented by the refreshing acidity of lime juice and the sweet freshness of beetroot. 

Fairly Complicated is full of herbaceous and botanical flavors, crafted with a base of pisco infused with green cardamom, blended with refreshing notes of apple and citrus, and enriched with the aromatic essence of Longjing tea. IS

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