spa-mar06Having a refreshed mind and body is essential to enjoy an eventful year ahead. Six Senses Spa at MGM Macau is now incorporating a holistic Singing Bowl Ritual at the commencement and conclusion of all types of body and facial treatments, to offer guests an enhanced experience and overall well-being.
Singing bowls are thought to have originated in the pre Buddhist Tibetan Bon Culture, and can be found in various manifestations in Japan, Korea, China and Mongolia. The application of singing bowls for healing is based on the concept that the human body possesses a host of varying resonant frequencies. When body is in a healthy state, each cell and organ resonates in harmony with one’s whole being; in contrary, illnesses occur when energy flow within the body is hindered, and the affected areas vibrate out of tune. The sound frequencies created by the singing bowls restore the flow of the “discorded” energy and bring about a state of well-being. Modern medicine now recognizes sound as having immense healing benefits.
The ritual begins with a therapist gently striking the singing bowl with a wooden wand throughout the several chakras (the subtle energy points of the human body), gliding the wand around the rim of the bowl to create a soothing humming vibration. The therapist then moves the singing bowl around the shoulders, moving it slightly above the forehead, following to the “third eye,” throat, heart, and the belly area. Softly striking the bowl three times symbolizes the unification of body, mind and spirit, as the vibrations travel through the body, triggering a transformation of energy, into a positive and healing experience.

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