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Sparkling Summer

Lai Heen, the Michelin-starred restaurant at The Ritz-Carlton, Macau, is unveiling its latest Exclusive Sparkling Tea Pairing Lunch, featuring Chinese Executive Chef, Jackie Ho Hon-sing’s signature dishes paired with Saicho’s premium single-origin sparkling tea. This collaboration marks Saicho’s launch in Macau with an exclusive partnership with The Ritz-Carlton, Macau.

Saicho is an award-winning single-origin sparkling tea brand launched in London in 2019. The luxurious British-Hong Kong brand is redefining the art of tea-making by creating unique and refreshing sparkling teas that are crafted using a low-temperature steeping process. Saicho sources the highest quality teas from the gardens around the world, selecting only the most unique and flavorful varieties. Saicho’s three tea flavors – Darjeeling, Hojicha, and Jasmine – showcase a wide range of bold and distinctive tastes that complement the refined Cantonese cuisine in Lai Heen perfectly.

The Exclusive Sparkling Tea Pairing Lunch at Lai Heen is a culinary journey that reveals the restaurant’s finest Cantonese cuisine expertly paired with Saicho’s sparkling teas. The menu features a sumptuous selection of dim sum, signature appetizers, nourishing soup, a main course, and a delightful dessert. Each dish is paired perfectly with Saicho’s selected single-origin sparkling tea, enhancing the flavors of the premium ingredients. The Crispy Bean Curd with Iberico Ham and the signature Roasted 3-Layer Pork Belly are paired with Saicho’s Darjeeling Tea, known for its unique Darjeeling muscatel flavor from the Himalayan highlands in India. After the Stirred-fried Iberico Pork and Fried Rice with Walnuts, guests can savor Saicho’s Hojicha, a full-bodied tea from Shizuoka Prefecture in Japan, with a refreshing toasted aroma and a lingering follow through flavor. For dessert, the Chilled Pandan Leaves Milk with Nostoc and Honey is paired with Saicho’s Jasmine Tea, a delicate green tea from Fujian Province in China, adding the floral bouquet of Jasmine to the dining experience and enriching the dessert’s flavor with notes of apple sherbet, lychee, and vanilla.

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