The lion, the wig and the warrior. Who is Javier Milei, Argentina’s president-elect?

His legions of fans call him "the crazy" and "the wig" due to his ferocity and unruly mop of hair, while he refers to himself as "the lion." He thinks

AI project imagines adult faces of children who disappeared during Argentina’s military dictatorship

If a baby was taken from their parents four decades ago during Argentina’s military dictatorship, what would that person look like today? Argentine publicist Santiago Barros has

Food or medicine? Inflation squeezing retirees in Argentina

  With trembling hands, the bingo players at a Buenos Aires retirement center put the buttons they use as markers on their cards. Small containers hold their betting

Attack raises doubts about Argentine VP’s security protocols

Every day for the past two weeks, the routine was the same: Argentina’s powerful Vice President Cristina Fernández was met by a crowd of feverish supporters

Argentina | Prosecutor considered call for president’s arrest

  Investigators examining the death of a prosecutor who accused Argentine President Cristina Fernandez of agreeing to shield the alleged masterminds of a 1994 terror bombing said Tuesday (early yesterday, Macau

Argentina | President seeks overhaul of intelligence services

  President Cristina Fernandez called on Congress to dissolve Argentina’s intelligence services in the wake of the mysterious death of a prosecutor, strongly denying his accusation that she had sought to shield

Argentina | Special prosecutor found fatally shot at his home 

  A special prosecutor who had accused Argentinian President Cristina Fernandez of ordering impunity for Iranian suspects in the South American country’s worst terrorist attack was found shot dead, authorities said

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