Science is a human right − and its future is enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Dec. 10 marks the anniversary of the 1948 signing of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, adopted by the United Nations in the aftermath of the

Lebanon’s Christians feel the heat in its sacred forest and valley

Majestic cedar trees towered over dozens of Lebanese Christians gathered outside a small mid-19th century chapel hidden in a mountain forest to celebrate the Feast of

Sports Illustrated is the latest news outlet damaged by an AI experiment gone wrong

Computer-generated writers ... writing computer-generated stories? Sports Illustrated is the latest media company to see its reputation damaged by being less than forthcoming — if

The challenges of being a religious scientist

Given popular portrayals, you would be forgiven for assuming that the type of person who is a scientist is not the type of person who

A long push for progress and energy to fuel it

Amid record-high temperatures, deluges, droughts and wildfires, leaders are convening for another round of United Nations climate talks later this month that seek to curb a centuries-long

What’s Merriam-Webster’s word of the year for 2023? Hint: Be true to yourself

In an age of deepfakes and post-truth, as artificial intelligence rose and Elon Musk turned Twitter into X, the Merriam-Webster word of the year for 2023 is “authentic.”

Eating less meat would be good for the Earth. Small nudges can change behavior

Preston Cabral eats meat nearly every day at home, but his favorite meals at school are served on “Meatless Mondays” and “Vegan Fridays.” “Today I

A curious South African sea snail is a prized dish in Asia – that has meant a trail of destruction

Nearly every house in Hawston has a boat in its yard, sometimes two. It takes a moment to realize many are out of action,

How growing interest in Formula One is felt across the music world

Beyond the engineering, the athleticism, the speed, the luxury — fans love the sound of Formula One. The fierce rhythms of a V6 turbocharged hybrid

Sketchbooks on display in NYC show whimsy, humor, determination

He was a giant of 20th-century art, but that doesn’t mean Pablo Picasso needed a big canvas. Matchbook covers, postcards, restaurant napkins — they

Classes on celebrities like Taylor Swift and Rick Ross are engaging a new generation of law students

A South Dakota law professor typically teaches about dense topics like torts and natural resources. But next semester, he and his fearless students are shaking things up

Lack of affordable housing in Los Angeles’ Venice Beach neighborhood inspires activism and art

As more and more of her friends and neighbors found themselves priced out of rental units in Venice Beach, Judy Branfman began photographing the dozens

In Benin, Voodoo’s birthplace, believers bemoan steady shrinkage of forests they revere as sacred

For many people in Benin, the forests empowered them before they were born, or in the first months of their lives. Barren women performed Voodoo

What’s in a game? ‘Dear England’ probes the nation through the lens of its soccer team

Outside of families, few relationships are as intense as those between sports teams and their fans. In the case of England’s bond with its national soccer

Macau: Beyond casinos and European landmark replicas

A few weeks ago, two leading Irish academics visited me after attending a large international conference in nearby Macau. Macau hosted the previous edition of the conference

Madonna’s Celebration Tour kicks off in London after health scare

Madonna kicked off her career-spanning Celebration Tour at London’s O2 Arena on Saturday night (yesterday, Macau time), marking her first performance since suffering what her

An app shows how ancient Greek sites looked thousands of years ago

Tourists at the Acropolis this holiday season can witness the resolution of one of the world’s most heated debates on cultural heritage. All they need

Many powerful leaders skipped UNGA, creating space for emerging voices to rise

Togo’s foreign minister wasn’t having any of it. He talked of an accelerating “African awakening,” of a resolve to “fight our own battles,” of a refusal

Taylor Swift is a fan of Travis Kelce and suddenly, so is everyone else

Taylor Swift’s  Following the 12-time Grammy Award winner’s appearance at Arrowhead Stadium, jersey sales for the All-Pro tight-end seemingly skyrocketed. According to sportswear and fan merchandise

A look inside the walls of the 11th-century Marco Simone castle

First came the castle. Then the golf course. The nearly 300,000 fans descending on the Marco Simone club for the Ryder Cup this week will

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