Corn, millet and … rooftop solar? Farm family’s newest crop shows China’s solar ascendancy

Shi Mei and her husband earn a decent enough living by growing corn and millet on their small farm in eastern China’s Shandong province. In 2021,

Then Target came along

Over the past two decades, Gee’s Bend quilts have captured the public’s imagination with their kaleidoscopic colors and their daring geometric patterns. The groundbreaking art practice was

From Marseille to Mont-Blanc: The journey of the torch to Paris

The Olympic torch will finally enter France when it reaches the southern seaport of Marseille today. And it’s already been quite a journey. After

The Taliban are working to woo tourists to Afghanistan

Around 30 men are crammed into a Kabul classroom, part of the debut student cohort at a Taliban-run institute training tourism and hospitality professionals. It’s a

In war saga ‘The Sympathizer,’ Vietnamese voices are no longer stuck in the background

Vietnamese journalist-turned-filmmaker Phanxinê remembers exactly when he decided to make movies in his native country rather than Hollywood. It was in 2008 but it could have been a satirical

Characters enter the public domain: Where is remix culture going?

The giant stuffed bear, its face a twisted smile, lumbers across the screen. Menacing music swells. Shadows mask unknown threats. Christopher Robin begs for his

The surprising ways your siblings and your health may be linked

Anybody who has worn a hand-me-down, shared a bathroom or survived a long car trip with a brother or a sister knows that siblings can

Even in the age of Google Earth, people still buy globes

Find a globe in your local library or classroom and try this: Close the eyes, spin it and drop a finger randomly on its curved,

Women farmers are invisible: A West African project helps them claim their rights — and land

Mariama Sonko’s voice resounded through the circle of 40 women farmers sitting in the shade of a cashew tree. They scribbled notes, brows furrowed in concentration

How EU deforestation laws are reordering the world of coffee

Le Van Tam is no stranger to how the vagaries of global trade can determine the fortunes of small coffee farmers like him. He first

In Uganda, gov’t-backed bamboo crops have real growth potential

Along a stretch of bush by a muddy river, laborers dug and slashed in search of bamboo plants buried under dense grass. Here and there a

Napoleon’s exile, a remote island in South Atlantic is now easier to reach

St. Helena, a small, craggy island in the South Atlantic Ocean, hasn’t seen many tourists in the past for good reason: It’s one of the most

California tribe that lost 90% of land during Gold Rush to get gateway to redwoods

California’s Yurok Tribe, which had 90% of its territory taken from it during the Gold Rush of the mid-1800s, will be getting a slice of its

After confronting their Nazi past, Germans not immune to nationalism

When Sabine Thonke joined a recent demonstration in Berlin against Germany’s far-right party, it was the first time in years she felt hopeful that the growing

What is ‘wabi-sabi’ aesthetic actually about? Miserable tea and loneliness, for starters

On a recent visit to New York I stopped at a Japanese bookstore in Manhattan. Among the English-language books about Japan, I encountered a section of

Europe’s world-first AI rules are set for final approval. Here’s what happens next

European Union lawmakers are set to give final approval to the 27-nation bloc’s artificial intelligence law today , putting the world-leading rules on track to take

Ukraine’s first Oscar is hailed as a reminder of war’s horrors as Russian drones strike buildings

Ukraine awoke Monday to another day of war — Russian drones blasted buildings in the Kharkiv and Odesa regions — but also the news it had won

Oscars producers promise cameos and surprises for show

With just a few days to go until the 96th Academy Awards on Sunday (Monday morning, Macau time), the show’s producers are feeling good about

Chopin lovers can’t meet their hero, but this pianist got to do the next best thing

Pianist Eric Guo did everything but travel through time to commune with Chopin. On March 1, the day celebrated as Frederic Chopin’s birthday, the 21-year-old

Like Banksy, France’s mystery ‘Invader’ marks cities with art. He could surprise the Paris Olympics

For the Paris Olympics, it could almost be a new sport: Score points by hunting down mosaics that a mystery artist who calls himself “Invader” has cemented

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