Ao Ieong: Gov’t to boost platforms to attract talents for industry diversification

The government aims to attract highly-skilled workers to Macau in a bid to fulfill its goal of diversifying the city’s industries, Secretary for Social Affairs and Culture, Elsie

Security chief proposes to stop hiring TNRs as prison guards

To reduce the number of non-resident workers (TNRs) in Macau working particularly in the public service, the government intends to cease the practice of hiring

Lei sets out a two-step plan for the economic sector in 2023

Revitalizing the economy first so that it can then be developed is the plan of the Secretary for Economy and Finance, Lei Wai Nong, for 2023. Lei

Master plan is the essential piece missing in city planning puzzle

The lack of a master plan for the urban development of Macau was considered the most important barrier to the completion of several projects in both the public and private

Rosário: Macau in position for other anti-plastic restrictions

The Secretary for Transport and Public Works, Raimundo Arrais do Rosário, is pleased with the results of the plastic bag law that entered into effect last November. He said that

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