Putin, Díaz-Canel meet in Moscow, honor rebel icon Castro

Russian President Vladimir Putin yesterday met with his Cuban counterpart in Moscow, where the two unveiled a monument to Cuban revolutionary leader Fidel Castro and

A ‘barbed wire curtain’ rises in Europe amid war in Ukraine

The long border between Finland and Russia runs through thick forests and is marked only by wooden posts with low fences meant to stop stray cattle. Soon, a stronger, higher fence will be erected on parts of the frontier.

Russia’s Lavrov treated at hospital, Indonesian officials say

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov was taken to the hospital because of a health concern following his arrival for the Group of 20 summit in Bali, multiple Indonesian authorities said today (Monday). Russia denied that he had been hospitalized.

How Moscow grabs Ukrainian kids and makes them Russians

Olga Lopatkina paced around her basement in circles like a trapped animal. For more than a week, the Ukrainian mother had heard nothing from her six adopted children stranded in

Police arrest hundreds of protestors; massive exodus in motion

Russian police moved quickly Saturday to disperse peaceful protests against President Vladimir Putin’s military mobilization order, arresting hundreds, including some children, in scores of cities across the

Gorbachev mourned as rare world leader but some still bitter

The passing of Mikhail Gorbachev, the last leader of the Soviet Union and for many the man who restored democracy to then-communist-ruled European nations, was mourned

Mikhail Gorbachev, who steered Soviet breakup, dead at 91

Mikhail Gorbachev, who set out to revitalize the Soviet Union but ended up unleashing forces that led to the collapse of communism, the breakup of the state and the end

Mourners pay tribute to nationalist Dugina killed by car bombing

Hundreds of people lined up yesterday to pay tribute to the daughter of a leading right-wing Russian political thinker following the 29-year-old woman’s death in a

Car blast kills daughter of Russian known as ‘Putin’s brain’

MOSCOW — The daughter of a Russian nationalist ideologist who is often referred to as "Putin's brain" was killed when her car exploded on the outskirts of Moscow, officials said

Xi talks with Putin over phone: No direct mention of Ukraine

Chinese President Xi Jinping this afternoon (Wednesday) held a phone conversation with his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, Xinhua reported a few minutes ago. It was Xi's second phone call with

Official: US gave intel that helped Ukraine sink Russian warship

The U.S. says it shared intelligence with Ukraine about the location of the Russian missile cruiser Moskva prior to the strike that sank the warship, an incident that was a

Surging sales at McDonald’s offsets trouble in China, Russia

Higher U.S. menu prices and easing COVID-19 restrictions elsewhere helped McDonald’s offset troubled markets like China and Russia in the first quarter. Revenue rose 11% to $5.66

Russia seeks UN humanitarian resolution not mentioning war

Russia circulated a proposed U.N. Security Council resolution today (Macau time) demanding protection for civilians "in vulnerable situations" in Ukraine and safe passage for humanitarian aid and people seeking to

Latest updates: China’s Xi criticizes sanctions on Russia

BEIJING — China says President Xi Jinping has criticized sanctions imposed on Russia over its war against Ukraine as "harmful to all sides," in a video summit with French President

Latest updates: Foreign ministers of Ukraine, Russia to meet

The latest developments on the Russia-Ukraine war: ANKARA, Turkey — Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu says the foreign ministers of Russia and Ukraine will meet near the Turkish Mediterranean coastal city

China calls Russia its chief ‘strategic partner’ despite war

The Chinese Foreign Minister today (Monday) called Russia Beijing's "most important strategic partner" amid China's continued refusal to condemn the invasion of Ukraine. Wang Yi said ties with Moscow constituted "one

Russia bombs Kharkiv and convoy nears Kyiv

Russian shelling pounded civilian targets in Ukraine's second-largest city again today (Tuesday] and a 40-mile convoy of tanks and other vehicles threatened the capital — tactics Ukraine's embattled president said

Live updates: Ukraine diplomat urges China to talk to Putin

TOKYO — The Ukrainian ambassador to Japan is urging China to join international efforts to stop the Russian "massacre" in his country amid Beijing's lack of criticism of Moscow's actions. "We

China calls for talks over Ukraine, OKs Russian wheat import

China repeated calls for talks to resolve the crisis in Ukraine today (Thursday) while refusing to criticize Russia's attack, and in a move that could help reduce the impact of

Russia invades Ukraine as defiant Putin warns US, NATO

Russian troops launched a wide-ranging attack on Ukraine today (Thursday), as President Vladimir Putin cast aside international condemnation and sanctions and warned other countries that any attempt to interfere would

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