Taste of Edesia | Fit for a silly gourmet 

Macau residents do not like to wait to eat at a restaurant. Often, when there is a wait, they would just leave and go to another establishment since there are many choices. However, recently there is an exception in the city’s dining scene.
The entrance to Taier Sauerkraut Fish located inside Sands Cotai Central is full of individuals almost round the clock during the day standing and waiting for a seat.
The restaurant’s name “Taier” is actually a Chinese slang, meaning “silly.” It is rumoured that the name was inspired by the chef’s “silly” determination to make the most delicious and innovative sauerkraut fish in the world.
On the restaurant’s wall, it is written that “sauerkraut tastes better than fish.” The brand prides itself for making crispy, flavourful sauerkraut using Chinese mustard and water all the way from Sichuan province. Sea bass is selected as the choice of fish for its smooth and consistent texture and quality.
Finally, the soup is to be enjoyed with a bowl of rice. The  delicious experience could also be enjoyed with a doll named “Xiaoer,” or little silly man who acts as a mascot welcoming guests at the door of the eatery.

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