Taste of Edesia

Taste of India 

Those who are crazy about Indian cuisine should know about Chef Justin Paul. He was the senior chef of The Golden Peacock at The Venetian in Macau which closed during the pandemic and never reopened. Back in the days, The Golden Peacock was one of the top fine dining spot for Indian cuisine in Asia, winning a one-star rating from the coveted Michelin Award eight years in a row.

Now that the pandemic is over, Chef Justin is head of a newly opened restaurant, Justindia. At the causal and cosy dining venue, guests can expect the same level of cuisine delivered at The Golden Peacock in the past, but a little bit more affordable. 

For every dish, Chef Justin Paul weds classic taste profile of Indian cuisine with refined presentation, creating a signature menu that’s unlike anything. This dishes are as ingenuous as the country that shapes his culinary journeys. Highlights include prawns, fish, seafood and curries. Choosa khaas makhani, organic chicken with tomato, honey and fenugreek, is not to be missed. 

At Justindia, every dish is a work of art, crafted with passion and precision. Ingredients are hand-picked, organically sourced from all over the world. The result is Indian dishes with immaculate attention to detail.

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