Two minors detained in telecom fraud case

Two underage individuals from Hong Kong have been detained for their alleged involvement in a telecommunications fraud scheme.

The minors are suspected of impersonating lawyers and paralegals and travelling to Macau to collect around MOP270,000 in fraudulent proceeds.

According to the authorities, after the initial judicial interrogation of the two suspects, the decision was made to detain them.

This measure was deemed necessary given that the individuals were not residents of Macau and the seriousness of the alleged crimes. The authorities sought to prevent the minors from fleeing Macau and continuing their criminal activities and disrupting public order and social stability.

The authorities indicated that they will continue the ongoing criminal investigation.

Statistics provided by the agency reveal that, from January 2023 to May 2024, there were 38 criminal cases against minors over the age of 16, and involving a total of 41 individuals. Additionally, there were 138 cases involving the education supervision or social protection system (those below 16 years old) with 183 people involved.

The authorities have called on citizens to improve their legal awareness and the care and education of minors. This, the bureau believes, will help prevent young people from being exploited by lawless groups and encouraged to engage in criminal acts that endanger society. Howard Tong

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