Wynn Career Experience Program Writes A New Chapter for Macau Fresh Graduates

In August this year, Wynn launched a three-month workplace experience plan for new local graduates—”Wynn Career Experience Program for Fresh Graduates”—in full support of the Fresh Graduates Internship Program initiated by the Macau Labour Affairs Bureau (DSAL). The program aims to enhance the practical skills of the interns and deepen their understanding of integrated tourism and leisure enterprise operations, thereby opening up new directions for their career development.
A graduation ceremony was hosted at Wynn Macau last month to commemorate the successful completion of “Wynn Career Experience Program for Fresh Graduates”. The ceremony gave tribute to the outstanding performance and achievement of all 39 participating interns who successfully completed the program. DSAL Director Wong Chi Hong, Deputy Director Chan Un Tong, and Head of the Vocational Training Department Cheung Wai were all present to witness the achievements of the interns together with the management and training instructors from Wynn. Several representatives from among the interns were also invited to share their work experiences and learning outcomes, and express their gratitude to the department heads for their patient guidance and encouragement.

Nearly 70 Percent of Interns Transition to Full-time
In tandem with the program’s successful completion, Wynn further went on to extend hiring opportunities to all interns who had completed the course, to which nearly 70 percent accepted and have now become full-time Wynn team members, injecting new energy into the hospitality and tourism industry.
During her speech at the graduation ceremony, Zuleika Mok, Senior Vice President of Human Resources of Wynn Macau, Limited, expressed her gratitude to the Labour Affairs Bureau for building such a valuable learning platform for young people through the Fresh Graduates Internship Program. She said, “Although this year has been a very different year for graduates who have just stepped off campus, the pandemic will not limit our development opportunities. As long as you take a positive and proactive attitude, seize every opportunity to learn, you will surely continue to become stronger and wiser.”

Combining Theoretical and Practical Training Courses
“Wynn Career Experience Program” assigned fresh graduates to Wynn Macau and Wynn Palace’s Hotel Operations, Food & Beverage, Marketing, Retail Operations, Facilities and Information Technology departments to take part in both theoretical and practical training courses. By participating in various practical scenarios, the interns were able to gain valuable work experience and thereby enhance their competitiveness in the workplace.
The first week of training comprised a five-day orientation event. A team of experienced trainers introduced Wynn’s work culture and core value of being people-oriented, and also provided various practical tips on workplace knowledge and mindset training, including five-star service standards, workplace etiquette, communication skills, personal growth, career development, and much more, thereby fully equipping the participants for their internship journey.
In order to strengthen the interns’ communication skills and build a spirit of teamwork, Wynn also arranged a “Workplace Sharing” workshop. Group discussions and competitive mini-games were used to allow graduates to gain a more comprehensive insight into their work and deepen their understanding of the structure and function of each department. This activity also helped the interns to build close friendships, learn from each other and challenge themselves.

Mentors’ Guidance Unleashes Trainee Potential
Wynn also assigned a senior mentor to each intern to provide guidance on professional skills. During the program, mentors kept track of their interns’ learning progress, offered suitable instructions and suggestions as required, and also carefully taught the students how to face challenges in the workplace and improve their problem-solving skills, encouraging them to demonstrate their full potential at work and cultivate professional traits. Mentors met with the interns on a regular basis to offer advice on their career development path and help prepare them for future employment.

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