Wynn celebrates Micro-Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Day and champions local SMEs

The United Nations has designated 27 June as the official Micro-, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Day to recognize the vital contributions made by MSMEs to both their home nations and the global economy. In this spirit and as part of its longstanding support for the community, Wynn has joined hands with the Macao SAR Government to support local SMEs by energetically promoting the use of consumption e-vouchers and other relief measures. In addition to actively seeking new business opportunities for SMEs and providing them with a digital promotion platform, Wynn is also encouraging its own team members to support Macao’s economy by purchasing local products and services. The company thereby assists every sector of society to achieve the shared goal of stimulating the economy and protecting local employment.
Wynn Care champions the LOHAS (Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability) concept and supports youth cultural and creative industries and SMEs alike. To this end, Wynn hosted a “LOHAS Weekend” at Wynn Palace in May, inviting numerous local youth cultural and creative associations to join the Macau community for this enjoyable event. The format of the event featured quaint market stalls which showcased a wide range of creative products, and were complimented by a selection of workshops and performances. The crafts on display included limited edition art designs, eco-friendly merchandise, floral art, woodwork and handmade jewellery. These diverse activities gladdened the hearts of local people and injected fresh inspiration into their daily lives.
Amid the pandemic, Wynn has proactively partnered with an innovative local SME to support locally-designed and manufactured reusable masks in order to reduce the environmental impact of their disposable counterparts and mitigating supply issues. These sustainable ‘Made in Macau’ masks are SGS certified and can be washed and reused up to 50 times. Wynn is the first large international integrated enterprise to purchase “Made in Macau” masks, and are proud to support the local economy by placing an initial order worth several hundred thousand patacas.

Encouraging consumers to spend more online
Co-organized by the Macao Chamber of Commerce, the “Caring 8000” campaign will run from 1 May to 31 December and features an exciting range of mini games coupled with lucky draws rolled out through the official Wynn Care WeChat channel. The campaign aims to stimulate the patronage of local SMEs in order to boost our economy and support the consumption e-voucher scheme initiated by the Macao SAR government.

Welfare development in support of social enterprises
Wynn is committed to transforming assistance provided by business sector into a force to strengthen the capabilities of social enterprises. For many years, Wynn has supported the “Happy Market Social Enterprise” run by the Fuhong Society of Macau; in addition to safeguarding the employment of disabled staff, this vital organization also promotes the eco-friendly concept of reusing old materials through the sharing of resources, supports low-income families or those who are in need, and aids foreign workers who are unemployed and stranded in Macau due to the pandemic.

Development of in-depth tourism to benefit SMEs
Wynn Care continues to organize the Carmo Market in conjunction with the Industry and Commerce Association of Macau (ICAMO), helping local MSMEs and young start-up entrepreneurs to raise their profile and brand awareness. This summer will bear witnesses to the introduction of a new location as the event extends into Coloane. For the very first time, an in-depth tour route for the Islands District is being rolled out to support the Macao SAR Government’s plan of encouraging local residents and tourists to purchase local products and services. The event is also joined by DianPing and Xiaohongshu to help promote MSMEs in the area, and is expected to attract more than 54,000 people.

Wynn Care Macau Pass boosts the economy
On 16 April, Wynn announced the launch of the ‘Wynn Care Macau Pass’ to support the Macao SAR Government’s ‘Consumption Subsidy Plan’, which is aimed at stimulating consumer spending and assisting local SMEs. A total of 13,600 Wynn team members received a ‘Wynn Care Macau Pass’ with a pre-paid credit of MOP 1,000, so Wynn employees could lead from the front in helping to boost local spending.

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