Wynn Promotes Sustainable Hospitality to Build Green Future

Wynn becomes the first and only enterprise in Macao to acquire MSC CoC and ASC CoC certifications.

As a long-term member of the tourism and catering industries, Wynn places great value on food sustainability and ecological conservation, and is equally committed to the responsible use of Earth’s invaluable resources. By organizing a variety of activities and workshops, Wynn endeavors to share and promote the latest trends and developments in this field among its own team members and other professionals in the industry, and thereby make a valuable contribution towards building Macao into a modern green city.

Wynn is the first integrated resort in Macao to develop an automated water refilling system with Nordaq.

First and Only Enterprise in Macao with MSC and ASC Certifications

Last year, Wynn Palace successfully qualified for the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) Chain of Custody (CoC) and the Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) Chain of Custody (CoC) certifications, making Wynn the first and only enterprise in Macao to hold these two prestigious international accreditations, which ensures the wild-caught and farmed seafood provided by Wynn complies with the international standards for sustainable fishery and seafood traceability.

Through these certifications, Wynn hopes to provide customers with more eco-friendly dining options and protect the Earth’s precious resources by strictly complying with sustainable fishing practices and actively promoting the environmental and social sustainability of farmed seafood. 

Wynn invites top international companies to share their insight in promoting vegetarian culture and eco-friendly packaging design.

Introducing Sustainable Seafood Dishes

To remind world citizens of how precious and fragile our oceans are, and to reiterate the impact that our diet has on global ecology, the United Nations declared June 8 as “World Oceans Day” and June 18 as “Sustainable Gastronomy Day.” In celebration of these important occasions, Wynn has introduced a selection of sustainable seafood dishes at eight restaurants in Wynn Macau and Wynn Palace throughout June. This pioneering initiative seeks to raise awareness amongst customers of the importance of eco-friendly fishing and marine farming practices.  

By serving dishes that feature certified, premium sustainable seafood, Wynn hopes to draw public attention to the protection of the ocean and ecological resources, thereby ensuring the long-term safeguarding of marine resources.

First Resort in Macao to introduce Nordaq water filtration system

Wynn has worked closely with internationally acclaimed Swedish company Nordaq over the past two years to co-design and develop the “Nordaq 2000” to tackle the high demand for water bottles in large-scale integrated resorts.

After adopting Nordaq’s distilled and sparkling water in its food and beverage operations across the board at Wynn Macau and Wynn Palace in 2019, Wynn has become the first integrated resort in the world to install and operate an on-site Nordaq automated water bottling plant on a significant scale, which can fill 2,000 bottles of water per hour and is expected to save 8 million plastic bottles every year.

Wynn is hosting “Masterclass in Sustainable Wines” for industry professionals.


Tailored Sustainability Training Courses

Wynn has launched a sustainable catering education series exclusively for chefs and other catering team members. The series, which includes a course on “Beneficial Foods for Humans and Environment”, discusses the importance of environmental protection and enhances participants’ awareness of the catering supply chain’s impact on overall sustainability. Top international companies such as Green Monday, Moët Hennessy Diage, and Oatly were invited to share their strategies in this field with Wynn’s team members, and also give some insight into their efforts in promoting vegetarian culture and eco-friendly packaging design.

Furthermore, Wynn is also hosting a “Masterclass in Sustainable Wines” for the industry professionals at Wynn Palace on June 20, to summarize how the wine industry is sustainably developed. The masterclass will be delivered by internationally renowned sommelier Jennifer Docherty, who will present various wines made with different farming and production methods.

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