Wynn Stands Together with the Community to Fight the Pandemic

Wynn worked closely with the local community throughout the 14 rounds of citywide NAT, together contributing to the city’s triumph over the outbreak

Thanks to the efforts of all segments of society, whose members have been dedicated to their positions and fully supported the Macao SAR Government’s pandemic prevention policies, Macao is now gradually returning to normal. As part of the local community, Wynn has always taken its social responsibilities into its own hands and during this period has worked closely in partnership with local groups to ensure the smooth and safe execution of all anti-pandemic measures


As soon as the government announced the implementation of the mass nucleic acid testing (NAT) program, a volunteer team comprising staff from different departments was quickly formed. During the 14 rounds of citywide NAT, over 1,000 visits totaling around 7,500 service hours were provided by the Wynn Employee (WE) Volunteer Team to support anti-pandemic efforts duties, demonstrating their sincere commitment to aid the people of Macao whenever and wherever needed.

Wynn volunteers joined the frontline to support anti-pandemic duties at NAT stations

The WE Volunteers assisted at NAT stations located at the Mong Ha Sports Centre, Tap Seac Multi-sports Pavilion, Olympic Complex Stadium, and Keang Peng School (Secondary Section) from June 20 to July 31 and performed duties including triage, registration, crowd management, answering enquiries, and helping people with disabilities.

Wynn Volunteers reached out to assist people with special needs

Linda Chen, President and Executive Director of Wynn Resorts (Macau) S.A., visited the NAT station at Keang Peng School and experience firsthand the range of duties WE Volunteers assisted with on the frontline, offering her wholehearted approval of the volunteers’ contributions. Director of Kiang Wu Hospital Ung Pui Kun, Principal of Keang Peng School Lai Sai Kei, and the NAT station supervisors also praised the WE Volunteers’ remarkable efforts, which served to greatly encourage them and bolster their resolve.


Under the scorching sun and amid soaring temperatures, WE Volunteers worked side-by-side with frontline staff. Despite becoming soaked in sweat from wearing full protective clothing, they persisted in their cause to safeguard the city without complaint, a true demonstration of the volunteer team’s motto: “showing care, giving love, helping people and brightening the community”, as well as their dedication to helping the community overcome this difficult time. The WE Volunteers also expressed gratitude for the support from their own families, which enabled them to fully commit themselves to their efforts.

Wynn team members cheered each other on and expressed gratitude to those involved in the fight against the pandemic

Although the mission was more challenging than anything they had faced before, the volunteers were glad to serve the people of Macao and were encouraged every time they heard a member of the public say a simple “thank you.”


Wynn consolidated the latest preventive guidelines every day and disseminated the information via its internal portal, ensuring team members remained updated in real time. Wynn also organized convenient NAT services and promptly arranged new temporary venues for on-duty team members to enjoy their meal breaks in a safe and comfortable environment.  Varied menus that included vegetarian, seafood and meat options were provided for each of the three daily meals to boost team members’ health and boost their spirits through an experience of Wynn’s Forbes Five-Star services.

Wynn supported Caritas Macau and donated relief packs to the underprivileged

Furthermore, team members cheered each other on and wrote gratitude cards to everyone for remaining committed to their position and contributing to pandemic prevention and control.


In addition to supporting the government’s fight against the pandemic, Wynn provided concrete support to Caritas Macau and donated relief packs that included 26 types of groceries such as noodles, canned foods, beverages and biscuits. These benefited jobless individuals stuck in the city during the outbreak, low-income individuals in urgent need of daily necessities, and the underemployed. Through this initiative, Wynn sought to reduce the pressure they were experiencing in daily life by fulfilling their urgent needs and helping to tide them over in this difficult time by expressing a sense of love and care.

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