Zhuhai highlights new plans for regional collaboration with Macau

The Secretary of the Municipal Committee of the Chinese Communist Party of Zhuhai, Guo Yonghang, has described five new elements regarding Macau-Zhuhai collaboration, pledging to “try its best” in contributing “what it is able to [in order] to meet the needs of Macau in the upcoming years.”
The five elements include “new mechanisms,” “new space,” “new city,” “new industry,” and “new life,” as cited in a report issued by mainland news agency Nanfang Daily.
In regard to the proposed new mechanism, Macau and Zhuhai will collaborate in establishing a legal framework, a cooperation mechanism, and an investment platform, as well as in planning for the development of several key projects.
In terms of land (“new space”), Zhuhai will reserve enough space for Macau to develop the SAR’s economy and facilitate the two cities’ cooperation. Hezhou district, the Kong Gang economic district, Harbor economic district, and the Wanshan sea development experimental area will form an “extended area” of Macau-Guangdong cooperation.
To build a “new city” and thereby develop new industries, Zhuhai hopes to construct a modern and international city with links to Macau through multiple modes of smart city infrastructure. The city also plans to attract more Macau companies to invest in Hengqin.
Regarding the “new life,” Guo hopes to encourage Macau residents to live in Zhuhai. In the recent Policy Address 2021, Macau’s Chief Executive highlighted that the administration aims to develop Macau through cultivating and importing talented people, and enabling young people to live in mainland China and participate in the overall national development. JZ

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