South Korea | 2 Koreas exchange gunfire along border

Troops from the rival Koreas exchanged gunfire yesterday along their heavily fortified border in the second such shooting in less than 10 days, South Korean officials said. There were no reports of

S. Korea concert planner found dead after 16 die

A South Korean man involved in planning an outdoor pop concert where 16 people were killed after falling through a ventilation grate was found dead Saturday in an apparent suicide,

First Japan passenger jet in 4 decades rolling out

The first made in Japan passenger jet in four decades reaches a development milestone later this week. A “rolling out” ceremony in Nagoya, central Japan tomorrow will unveil the long

Thailand | Soaps trigger outcry over romanticizing rape 

In a famous scene from Thailand’s award-winning soap opera “The Power of Shadows,” the handsome protagonist gets drunk and rapes the leading lady. He later begs her forgiveness, and the producers say

Koreas | Talks deadlocked as generals leave without agreement

The first military talks between North and South Korea in more than three years ended with no agreement yesterday, with the rivals failing to narrow their differences on how to ease animosities

Nepal | Avalanche, blizzard kill 12 in mountains

An avalanche and blizzard in Nepal’s mountainous north have killed 12 people, including foreign trekkers, officials said yesterday as weather conditions improved. An avalanche yesterday buried four Canadians and one Indian

South Korea | Identity thefts forces ID overhaul 

After an avalanche of data breaches, South Korea’s national identity card system has been raided so thoroughly by thieves that the government says it might have to issue new ID

North Korea | Kim reappears publicly – with cane 

After vanishing from the public eye for nearly six weeks, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is back, ending rumors that he was gravely ill, deposed or worse. Now, a new,

The Buzz | Cambodia detains 3 after journalist is killed

Cambodian police said yesterday that they have detained three men, including a timber trader, believed to be linked to the weekend shooting death of a local journalist who was investigating

TWIN STORMS | Workers clear debris after Indian cyclone kills 8

More than 1,000 rescue workers and soldiers cleared away piles of uprooted trees and electrical poles blocking roads yesterday after powerful Cyclone Hudhud slammed into India’s eastern coast, leaving at least eight

SRI LANKA | Train service back in former war zone

Cheered by tens of thousands of people, a train decorated with banana plants and colorful flower garlands arrived in Sri Lanka’s northern Tamil heartland yesterday, 24 years after the “Queen

MYANMAR | In Parliament, colorful hats cap divisions 

The only question opposition lawmaker U Win Htein asked Parliament last session was for permission to remove his silk turban, saying it was causing him headaches and hair loss. The

NOBEL PEACE PRIZE | 2 rival nations, 1 message of peace 

  One is Muslim, the other Hindu. One a Pakistani, the other Indian. One a school girl just starting out in life, the other a man with decades of experience. Despite their

TWIN STORMS | India lashed by strong cyclone; typhoon hits Japan 

Heavy rain and wind gusts ripped through a large swath of India’s eastern seaboard, uprooting trees and snapping power cables as a powerful cyclone swept through the Bay of Bengal and slammed

SEVERE WEATHER | Japan flight cancellations mount as typhoon disrupts travel

ANA Holdings Inc. and Japan Airlines Co., the nation’s two largest carriers, canceled more flights yesterday as typhoon winds disrupted travel for a second week. Typhoon Vongfong prompted ANA to cancel

North Korea | Kim Jong Un’s absence fuels leadership speculation

Kim Jong Un’s prolonged absence from public view, including skipping a session of parliament, has raised questions as to whether his disappearance has less to do with his health and

India-Pakistan border dispute | India warns Pakistan of heavy response if clashes persist

Indian Defense Minister Arun Jaitley warned Pakistan that it will face a heavy military response if it continues attacks along the disputed border of the nuclear-armed powers. “Pakistan is the aggressor,”

Official says beer bars are too hot in Vietnam

A ministry official is proposing that the temperature in restaurants selling beer in Vietnam should not exceed 30 degrees Celsius, a rule that will be hard to enforce considering outdoor

NORTH KOREA | Official publicly admits existence of labor camps 

A North Korean official publicly acknowledged to the international community the existence of his country’s “reform through labor” camps yesterday, a mention that appeared to come in response to a

AUSTRALIA | Gov’t plans ban on foreign ‘hate preachers’ 

Australia will soon introduce a system to ban foreign “hate preachers” from entering the country and will attempt to outlaw the radical Islamic group Hizb-ut-Tahrir under proposed tougher counterterrorism laws, the

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