In ‘The Teachers’ Lounge,’ one middle school as microcosm of a troubled world

What happens in the teachers’ lounge, anyway? When we were kids, that closed door seemed so tantalizingly forbidding, though it probably only hid some coffee-sipping, light chitchat and paper-grading.

Kaluuya builds a compelling near-future dystopia in ‘The Kitchen’

The near-future is bleak for the working class of London in “The Kitchen,” a well-executed film about a familiar kind of urban dystopian nightmare. It is,

Anthony Hopkins shines in ‘Freud’s Last Session’

Freud’s Last Session,” starring Anthony Hopkins as Sigmund Freud, adds to a string of sterling late-chapter performances by the 86-year-old actor. He was the soul of

Clooney’s ‘Boys in the Boat’ is an underdog saga that’s both stirring and a tad stodgy

Director George Clooney both begins and ends “The Boys in the Boat “ on a sun-dappled lake. It’s a seductive sight, calm and soothing,

A transformed Zac Efron gives his all in tragic, true-life wrestling tale ‘Iron Claw’

It doesn’t take long to understand the level of commitment Zac Efron brings to “The Iron Claw” as Texas wrestling brother Kevin Von Erich. Just one

‘Leave the World Behind’ is a terrific blend of thriller, disaster and satire

Imagine that it’s close to midnight and there’s a knock at the door of your luxurious weekend rental home. A man is standing there, calmly apologizing.

In ‘Poor Things,’ Emma Stone takes an unusual path to enlightenment

It is sickly hilarious to make a movie in which so much consensual sex is had, often so gleefully, that is not the least bit sexy.

‘Eileen,’ a wonderful novel about an ‘invisible’ young lady becomes a oddball film

Something strange has happened to Eileen Dunlop, and we don’t just mean the plot of “Eileen.” The adaptation of novelist Ottessa Moshfegh’s delicious coming-of-age heroine has

In Ridley Scott’s ‘Napoleon,’ the emperor has no clothes but plenty of ego

In Ridley Scott’s “Napoleon,” Joaquin Phoenix portrays the legendary French emperor in a film that defies the traditional grandeur of historical epics. With a runtime of

Taika Waititi’s ‘Next Goal Wins’ is a sweet, frothy diversion but no knee slide

In “Next Goal Wins,” a soccer coach comes from far away to lead a hapless group of athletes. He’s a fish-out-of-water type, ill-suited for the job,

Nicolas Cage finds fame to be highly overrated in chillingly funny ‘Dream Scenario’

Quick: What’s a good adjective for Nicolas Cage’s screen presence? Mercurial, perhaps? Volcanic? Volatile? How about mundane, schlubby, average? Not the page we’d think

‘Rustin’ with an outstanding Colman Domingo terrific look at March on Washington

The 1963 March on Washington drew an estimated 250,000 people from across the country — the largest march at that point in American history — and

Teen dreams and adult nightmares in Sofia Coppola’s ‘Priscilla’

Dreamily gazing at the album covers of Elvis Presley was not, statistically speaking, a rare habit among American teen girls in the late 1950s and early

Scorsese’s epic ‘Killers of the Flower Moon’ is sweeping tale of greed, richly told

There tends to be lots of fast talking and fast moving in Martin Scorsese films, often from shifty types trying to get away with something. Or sometimes, simply because

Jamie Foxx leads a crowd-pleasing courtroom drama in ‘The Burial’

Jamie Foxx deploys his movie star charm judiciously and skillfully as a litigator with swagger to spare in “ The Burial,” a very entertaining courtroom drama.

In ‘Fair Play,’ a battle of the sexes on Wall Street

The disquieting root of Chloe Domont’s slinky, slick feature debut “Fair Play” lies in the face of Luke (Alden Ehrenreich) as he learns that his fiance

‘Dumb Money’ recalls GameStop squeeze, when regular folk put the screws on Wall Street

The little guy — or at least the little guy with a few hundred bucks to sink into the stock market — gets a movie to

A star-making turn for Eve Hewson in the feel-good ‘Flora and Son’

John Carney, the Irish filmmaker of “Once,” “Sing Street” and “Begin Again,” makes the movie version of “three chords and the truth.” His films, unabashedly earnest,

‘Cassandro,’ with Gabriel Garcia Bernal as a liberated luchador, is a winner

Anyone who has eagerly followed Gabriel Garcia Bernal since his breakthrough roles in “Amores Perros” and “Y tu mamá también” likely never foresaw him one day

Pinochet as a vampire in surreal, frightening ‘El Conde’

The Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet is not dead in Pablo Larraín’s “El Conde.” He is instead a 250-year-old vampire living in semi-exile and wishing for

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