Austin Butler, Baz Luhrmann deliver a grand ‘Elvis’

The brief life of Elvis Presley is not something that fits neatly into a conventional biopic formula, though many have tried. It was, perhaps, always going to

A winning charmer in ‘Good Luck to You, Leo Grande’

Female desire is not a topic that gets a lot of space in mainstream Hollywood movies. And the desire of women north of 45? Well, that’s

Adam Sandler basketball drama, ‘Hustle,’ has game

By now you’d think you know what you’re getting with an Adam Sandler sports movie. “Happy Gilmore” and “The Waterboy” have conditioned us to expect silly

The pain and beauty of ‘Crimes of the Future’

Pain is a essentially a thing of the past for some in David Cronenberg’s “ Crimes of the Future,” a dense, gorgeous and grotesque meditation on

Acting chemistry boosts (very) dark ‘Count of Three’

On the Count of Three” is marketed as a “darkly comic” movie. Well, there’s dark comedy and there’s darker comedy, and then there’s comedy like this

A landmark NYC police standoff in ‘Hold Your Fire’

When there are so many fictional, burly varieties of heroes so regularly on movie screens, it’s jarring to see that the genuine article can be

The perils of perfectionism in Finland’s ‘Hatching’

If “Petite Maman” left you feeling a little too good about mothers, daughters and empathy, Finland may just have the antidote in Hanna Bergholm’s “Hatching,” a

In ‘Happening,’ a riveting abortion drama

Happening  Audrey Diwan’s Golden Lion-winner at last year’s Venice Film Festival, is set in 1963 France but the period detail isn’t prominent. Instead, it’s an abortion

Liam Neeson kills down ‘Memory’ lane

Memory” is an interesting title for the latest Liam Neeson thriller. Do you remember the last Liam Neeson thriller? Or the one before that? Who was

Mirren, Broadbent charm in art heist pic ‘The Duke’

If you’re gonna face a jury for a crime you’ve already confessed to — and even explained how you did it — you’d better have something

‘COW’ needs no words to convey one animal’s life

The human voice, a necessity in virtually any film, is barely existent and wholly secondary in “COW.” We hear only random bits of conversation, muffled and

Madcap metaverses meld in ‘Everything Everywhere’

Everything Everywhere All at Once” is your standard multiverse martial arts movie about filing your taxes and midlife regret in which googly eyes, everything bagels and

In ‘After Yang,’ an android’s death opens new doors

The two features by the South Korean-born filmmaker and video essayist Kogonada – his auspicious debut “Columbus” and the new “After Yang” – are distinct for their

In ‘X,’ a 1970s porn shoot runs into trouble

In Houston 1979, a small film crew arrives to make a porn film in a rented cottage on a farm belonging to an aged couple, one

‘The Adam Project,’ a blockbuster therapy session

Pathos and action are found in equal parts in “ The Adam Project,” the latest attempt by Netflix to create the kind of throwback blockbuster that

Gloomy nights for the Dark Knight in ‘The Batman’

Batman, never a day person, is plunged into perpetual night in Matt Reeves’ nocturnal, nihilist, neo-noir take on the Caped Crusader.  Reeves’ three-hour-long “The

Channing Tatum and his dog co-star raise the woof

Something would have had to go very, very wrong for “ Dog “ not to work on a basic level. Pairing Channing Tatum, one of our

Drive In | The long-delayed ‘Death on the Nile’ runs aground

Kenneth Branagh’s Agatha Christie adaptation “Death on the Nile”  begins with a flashback to the trenches of World War I before shifting to 1930s London

Drive In | Tim Roth drops out, in paradise, in ‘Sundown’

A man sits on the edge of an infinity pool contemplating his existence in Michel Franco’s “ Sundown.” It’s one of many such ennui-laden images, though the

Drive In | Love bites in ‘Wolf Like Me’ with Isla Fisher and Josh Gad

Isla Fisher’s character in the new genre-bending series “Wolf Like Me” is a romantic catch. Kind of. She speaks four languages, makes cheese and pottery

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