China warns Hong Kong unrest goes ‘far beyond’ peaceful protest

China warned that Hong Kong’s unrest had gone “far beyond” peaceful protest, after a chaotic weekend of tear gas and clashes illustrated the government’s struggle to quell

Hong Kong police fire tear gas at protesters in residential area

Hong Kong demonstrators and police clashed for a second straight day as the city’s China-backed government struggles to quell growing discontent and amid violent clashes that

Hong Kong | Police deny permit for Saturday protest after attacks

Hong Kong police refused permission for a Saturday protest scheduled to take place in the same area that saw unidentified groups of men attack demonstrators, even

Hong Kong to name Yue as next Monetary Authority chief

Eddie Yue will be named the next chief executive of the Hong Kong Monetary Authority, succeeding Norman Chan, the South China Morning Post reported.

Guangdong | Trade with Central, Eastern Europe rose 15.2%

Guangdong Province saw its trade with 17 Central and Eastern European Countries (CEEC) rise 15.2% year-on-year in the first half of this year, Customs data showed

Shenzhen | A city in love with books

Thunderstorms at the start of the week failed to dampen the enthusiasm of book lovers in China’s southern city of Shenzhen. A book fair held

China urges US to remove ‘black hand’ from Hong Kong protests

China said the U.S. should remove its “black hand” from Hong Kong’s protests, in some of its most pointed criticism yet against what it says is

Trump says China’s Xi ‘acted responsibly’

President Donald Trump said China’s Xi Jinping “acted responsibly” after seven weekends of demonstrations in Hong Kong and new fears that protesters and the China-backed government are heading toward

Hong Kong | Six men, some with triad links, held over mob attack

Hong Kong police have detained six men, some with links to triads, following a violent attack on pro-democracy protesters at a subway station that saw dozens injured.

Hunger games ride anchors edgy, new adult theme park in Hengqin

The Hunger Games has sold over 100 million books and nearly $3 billion in movie tickets, but the tale of children fighting to the death in

Hong Kong | Cathay adds budget carrier to group after buying HK Express

Cathay Pacific Airways Ltd. completed the acquisition of Hong Kong’s only budget carrier as the company expects to lift its market share amid growing competition from mainland

Six men, some with triad links, held over Hong Kong mob attack

HONG KONG (AP) — Hong Kong police have detained six men, some with links to triads, following a violent attack on pro-democracy protesters at a subway station that saw dozens

Briefs | Six caught for smuggling cough syrup in shenzhen

Police in Shenzhen have arrested six suspects for selling and distributing cough medication with addictive ingredients, with a total of 11,927 bottles of cough syrup confiscated. The suspects

Macau netizens express divided opinions on neighbor’s strife

Online comments penned by Macau residents show that local society has become increasingly divided over the Hong Kong situation, just as the protesters and the pro-

Hong Kong tempts China’s ire as protests take more violent turn

From stick-wielding mobs who attacked activists to one pro-independence group accused of stockpiling explosives, the latest unrest in Hong Kong has prompted new fears that protesters

Tens of thousands march through Hong Kong in week six

Tens of thousands of Hong Kong protesters marched through the city center to various locations including government headquarters and Beijing’s liaison office, ignoring a police-approved end point

A new roadmap to ‘world-class’ Greater Bay by 2035

The government of Guangdong is hoping that the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area will achieve its goal of becoming a “world-class urban circle” within the

China drafting urgent plan to resolve Hong Kong chaos

Chinese officials in charge of Hong Kong affairs are working on an urgent strategy to solve the city’s political chaos and have ruled out the use of

Macau, HK business leaders confident in esports opportunity

Three business leaders from the Hong Kong and Macau esports industry said at a forum held in the HKSAR that they are ready to embrace opportunities generated

Consumer councils co-test hand creams from two regions

The Macau Consumer Council and its Zhuhai counterpart have tested and approved all 43 samples of hand creams from both regions, according to the results of an

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