Ukraine is the hot topic at the NATO summit – the most important work is all in the details happening behind the scenes

A summit is literally the highest point on the mountain. In diplomatic terms, summits like the NATO meeting, held on July 11 and 12, 2023, in Vilnius, Lithuania,

“We the People” includes all Americans – but July 4 is a reminder that democracy remains a work in progress

The United States’ founders firmly rejected King George III and the entire idea of monarchy 247 years ago, on July 4, 1776. Political power does not come

The folly of making art with text-to-image generative AI

Making art using artificial intelligence isn’t new. It’s as old as AI itself. What’s new is that a wave of tools now let most people generate images

AI could shore up democracy – here’s one way

It’s become fashionable to think of artificial intelligence as an inherently  You’d be forgiven if you’re distraught about society’s ability to grapple with this new technology. So

Southern Baptists expel churches with women pastors – but the debate’s not just about gender

The Southern Baptist Convention, the largest Protestant group in the United States, overwhelmingly voted to expel two congregations with women pastors on June 14, 2023, during their annual

Watered-down LGBTQ ‘understanding’ bill shows how far Japan’s parliament is out of step with its society – and history

Japan has passed legislation aimed at “promoting the understanding” of members of the LGBTQ community – a watered-down bill that will do little to put the Asian country

How the Unabomber’s unique linguistic fingerprints led to his capture

Can the language someone uses be as unique as their fingerprints? As I describe in my forthcoming book, “Linguistic Fingerprints: How Language Creates and

Why is sanctioning the call to vote BNS a political mistake?

The Final Report on Electoral Activities for the 2021 legislative elections was recently released by the Commission of Electoral Affairs (CAEAL). I will not comment

Three lessons from Aristotle on friendship

While most love songs are inspired by the joys and heartaches of romantic relationships, love between friends can be just as intense and complicated. Many people struggle

Religions revere motherhood in sometimes unexpected ways

Religions around the world use these days to honor the importance of many kinds of nurturing, from traditional celebrations to events that honor modern parenting, infertility

Can China broker peace in Yemen – and further Beijing’s Middle East strategy in the process?

After nearly a decade of grinding conflict, Yemen looks to be inching toward a peace deal. Talks between the Houthi movement controlling much of the country’s north

Jerry Springer and the history of that [bleeping] bleep sound

Since Jerry Springer’s death on April 27, 2023, writers have been working through the cultural significance of his eponymous daytime talk show. For 27 years, Springer’s

Math teachers hold a bias against girls when they think gender equality has been achieved

Math teachers who believe women no longer face discrimination tend to be biased against girls’ ability in math. This is what we found through an experiment we conducted

Human activities in Asia have reduced elephant habitat by nearly two-thirds since 1700, dividing what remains into ever-smaller patches

Despite their iconic status and long association with humans, Asian elephants are one of the most endangered large mammals. Believed to number between 45,000 and 50,000

Cognitive flexibility is essential to navigating a changing world – new research in mice shows how your brain learns new rules

Being flexible and learning to adapt when the world changes is something you practice every day. Whether you run into a new construction site and

Genocide resisters, long overlooked by history, step into the spotlight

The anniversary of the Armenian Genocide is marked every year on April 24. That was the date in 1915 when hundreds of Armenian community leaders were arrested by

Five essential reads about the new era of creativity, job anxiety, misinformation, bias and plagiarism

The light and dark sides of AI have been in the public spotlight for many years. Think facial recognition, algorithms making loan and sentencing recommendations,

AI-generated spam may soon be flooding your inbox — and it will be personalized to be especially persuasive

Each day, messages from Nigerian princes, peddlers of wonder drugs and promoters of can’t-miss investments choke email inboxes. Improvements to spam filters only seem to

The US is about to blow up a fake warship in the South China Sea – but naval rivalry with Beijing is very real and growing

As part of a joint military exercise with the Philippines, the U.S. Navy is slated to sink a mock warship on April 26, 2023, in the

AI has social consequences, but who pays the price? IT companies’ problem with ‘ethical debt’

As public concern about the ethical and social implications of artificial intelligence keeps growing, it might seem like it’s time to slow down. But inside

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