Kyiv has faced adversity before – and a stronger identity grew in response

This is not the first time residents of Kyiv have fought to defend the city from an encroaching, larger army. On Jan. 30, 1918, a force made

Gas price hikes fueling electric vehicle conspiracy theories

Some social media users suggest that soaring fuel prices in the U.S. aren’t the result of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, increased consumption or supply chain issues as

Meet Russia’s oligarchs – who won’t be toppling Putin anytime soon

U.S. President Joe Biden and other world leaders are setting their sights on Russia's oligarchs as they seek new ways to punish Vladimir Putin – and those who have

Battles over book  bans reflect conflicts from the 1980s

A conservative leader found fault with how “respect for our nation’s heritage” had been mostly stripped from the textbooks of public schools. “From kindergarten right through the

Ukraine war tests growing China-Russia partnership

Three weeks ago, the leaders of China and Russia declared that the friendship between their countries “has no limits” as they met in Beijing on the eve of

In Russia’s Ukraine plans, how much does the mud matter?

The Russian expression “tanks don’t fear mud” is common enough that it’s been the title of a short-lived Russian television series and can be found stenciled on car

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