Conspiracy theories | Groups sow doubt about Covid vaccine before one even exists

A coronavirus vaccine is still months or years away, but groups that peddle misinformation about immunizations are already taking aim, potentially eroding confidence in what could be humanity’s best chance

Lives Lost | Doctor taught a generation of Italian physicians

Every October, on the feast day of the patron saint of physicians, Dr. Roberto Stella organized a simple ceremony at a tiny church in northern Italy to honor Italian doctors

As virus cases rise, UAE adjusts to a new normal in pandemic

In a Dubai industrial park, workers weld, drill and build what one entrepreneur sees as key to the near future of this desert city-state amid the coronavirus pandemic: disinfection gates. Husam

New Zealand tames virus; France, Spain reveal lockdown exits

France and Spain, two of the worst-hit countries in the coronavirus pandemic, were laying out separate roadmaps yesterday for lifting their lockdowns, while signs emerged the virus has been all

Guterres: Extremists using Covid-19 to recruit online youths

U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres warned yesterday that extremist groups are taking advantage of COVID-19 lock downs to intensify social media efforts to spread hatred and recruit young people who

Nations, US states each chart their own path on reopening

Nations and U.S. states have begun easing coronavirus lockdowns, each pursuing their own approach but all with a common goal: restarting their economies without triggering another surge of infections. Restrictions are

South Korea maintains Kim Jong Un health rumors are untrue

South Korea’s government has dismissed rumors that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is in fragile condition, as speculation about his health intensifies amid the North’s silence on his whereabouts. There

China’s diplomats show teeth in defending virus response

From Asia to Africa, London to Berlin, Chinese envoys have set off diplomatic firestorms with a combative defense whenever their country is accused of not acting quickly enough to stem

China’s virus cases could have been four times official tally

Coronavirus cases in China may have been four times higher than officially reported numbers, according to a study published in the Lancet medical journal. Infections would have been 232,000 in China

Britain | Boris Johnson returns to face growing virus divisions

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is returning to work after recovering from a coronavirus infection that put him in intensive care, with his government facing growing criticism over the deaths

Leaving Wuhan: Getting into virus-hit city was the easy part

Getting into Wuhan was the easy part. New virus infections had fallen to almost zero and travel restrictions were easing. As a 76-day lockdown neared its end, journalists and others were

Emergency mode: European leaders still talking about what to do

More than 100,000 people are dead, the euro area is headed for its deepest ever recession - and Europe’s leaders are still talking about what to do. It’s a strange way

UK mulls advice on face coverings while saving masks for NHS

The U.K. is considering changing its guidance on people covering their faces to help prevent the spread of Covid-19, while protecting the supply of protective equipment to frontline health and

Wuhan embraces Yangtze River as virus-hit city reopens

Bathed in golden late-afternoon light, Chen Enting snapped a photo of his ticket to commemorate his first ferry ride across the Yangtze River after a 76-day quarantine ended in the

Trump says ‘we don’t know’ how Kim Jong Un is doing

U.S. President Donald Trump said he doesn’t know about Kim Jong Un’s health after American and South Korean officials gave differing accounts on the North Korean leader’s condition after he

UK Parliament to hold virtual debates amid virus lockdown

Britain’s Parliament is going back to work, and the political authorities have a message for lawmakers: Stay away. U.K. legislators and most parliamentary staff were sent home in late March as

North Korean defectors, experts question zero virus claim

As a doctor in North Korea during the SARS outbreak and flu pandemic, Choi Jung Hun didn’t have much more than a thermometer to decide who should be quarantined. Barely paid,

Dentists, hair salons, beaches: Lockdowns ease but not in US

Tattoo parlors and hair salons in Denmark. Beaches in Australia. Bookstores in Germany. Nations around the world took advantage yesterday of their flattening coronavirus infection curves to tentatively ease lockdowns,

Singapore reports a record 1,426 new cases, total near 8,000

Singapore reported a record 1,426 new coronavirus cases on Monday, mostly among foreign workers, pushing its total number of confirmed infections to 7,984. The tiny city-state now has the highest number

Analysis | Losing face: The rise of the mask, and what’s lost behind it

On Saturday afternoons, the Strip District neighborhood of Pittsburgh becomes a jam-packed hub of old-fashioned shopping. People stride along Penn Avenue, hopping from greengrocer to butcher to fishmonger to Italian

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