This Day in History | 1950 US and Europe agree Nato aims

Almost exactly a year after signing the North Atlantic Treaty, 12 nations have agreed a permanent organisation for the defence of the United States and Europe. The final meeting of the

China faces angry world at key WHO meeting

At the first meeting of the World Health Organization’s governing body since Covid-19 stormed the globe, China is set to be challenged on two of its most sensitive issues: The

Tedros | UN health agency chief unbowed amid attacks, Trump criticism

The World Health Organization’s director-general has faced many challenges during the coronavirus pandemic: racial slurs, death threats, social media caricatures — he was once depicted as a ventriloquist’s dummy in

Mass testing to begin in Wuhan amid fears of virus comeback

At least one community in the Chinese city of Wuhan was to begin testing residents for the new coronavirus yesterday after officials were given 10 days to test everyone in

FBI says Chinese hackers might be targeting virus researchers

Organizations conducting research into COVID-19 may be targeted by computer hackers linked to the Chinese government, according to the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security. Neither agency cited any specific

Virus spikes could emerge weeks after US economic reopenings

U.S. states are beginning to restart their economies after months of paralyzing coronavirus lockdowns, but it could take weeks until it becomes clear whether those reopenings will cause a spike

China may test all of Wuhan amid fears of virus comeback

Authorities in Wuhan, the Chinese city where the coronavirus pandemic first broke out, are planning to test all 11 million residents in the next 10 days, Chinese media reported. No official

Trump: Fed retiree fund should ban Chinese investments

The Trump administration has directed the U.S. federal employee retirement fund to scrap its plan to place more than $4 billion into Chinese investments, a move that comes as the

Italy’s South Tyrol invokes autonomy to pry open lockdown

The blazing orange letters of fire spelled out a familiar message in Italy’s South Tyrol province, an old call to resistance repurposed for the days of the coronavirus: ‘’Los von

US Senate joins calls for Taiwan to regain WHO status

The U.S. Senate unanimously approved a bill seeking the restoration of Taiwan’s observer status with the World Health Organization, escalating an international campaign to push back against Chinese efforts to

China and Taiwan at odds amid pandemic

U.S.-China relations have never been worse. Verbal sparring between a Trump administration determined to find someone to blame for the pandemic and China’s aggressive diplomats pushing conspiracy theories has exacerbated tensions

Foretaste of Brexit | Virus cuts off much of UK farm labor

Britain’s fruit and vegetable farmers have long dreaded their country’s exit from the European Union, worrying that it would keep out the tens of thousands of Eastern European workers who

Tale of two outbreaks | Singapore tackles a costly setback

Weeks after two of his roommates were diagnosed with COVID-19, Mohamad Arif Hassan says he’s still waiting to be tested for the coronavirus. Quarantined in his room in a sprawling

Restart or re-stop? Countries reopen amid second-wave fears

Plastic spacing barriers and millions of masks appeared yesterday on the streets of Europe’s newly reopened cities, as France and Belgium emerged from lockdowns, the Netherlands sent children back to

More slog than snapback is outlook for Europe’s virus recovery

For Javier Vazquez, business as usual will be a faint prospect even when he does get to reopen his two Madrid restaurants shuttered by the coronavirus. “When are we going to

UK expected to stick to lockdown as Johnson outlines future

Taking a different tack than most other nations, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is expected to extend the bulk of the country’s coronavirus lockdown restrictions for three weeks or so

Europe agrees on $260 billion credit lines to stem fallout

Euro-area finance ministers agreed to allow the region’s bailout fund to extend credit lines to each of the bloc’s governments on concessionary terms, paving the way for countries including Italy

Australia | Most populous states start to ease virus lockdowns

Australia’s two most populous states, responsible for 65% of the nation’s coronavirus cases, are edging toward easing social-distancing restrictions after Prime Minister Scott Morrison urged them to start reopening the

Pandemic poses special threat to indigenous health, culture

In Indonesia’s easternmost province, felled trees are stacked to block a road that leads to Papuan villages. On the Thai-Myanmar border, the Karen people have also made makeshift barricades and

Fractures in many nations widen as virus lockdowns ease

Regional and political fractures are emerging in many nations over how fast to lift the lid on coronavirus-imposed lockdowns, as worries about economic devastation collide with fears of a second

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