World briefs

THAILAND A Thai court yesterday dismissed the first of four criminal and civil defamation cases filed against a British human rights activist by a Thai fruit processing company accused of

Paul Phua’s case: FBI impersonated repairmen in ruse

Federal agents turned off Internet access to three luxury villas used by Asian gamblers at a Las Vegas hotel then impersonated repair technicians to surreptitiously get inside and collect evidence

Zambia | White VP named acting president as leader dies in London hospital 

Zambian President Michael Sata, once dubbed “Mr. King Cobra” for his sharp-tongued remarks, died in a London hospital after a long illness, the Zambian government said yesterday. Vice President Guy

Islamic State offensive | Peshmerga fighters arrive in Turkey for Kobani battle

Iraqi Kurdish Peshmerga fighters armed with mortars and Katyusha rocket launchers arrived in Turkey today on their way to the Syrian town of Kobani, where they’ll join the fight against

Space | US supply rocket headed to space station explodes

An unmanned commercial supply rocket bound for the International Space Station exploded moments after liftoff Tuesday evening (yesterday morning, Macau time), with debris falling in flames over the launch site

this day in history: 1957 Lords to admit first women peers

Under the scheme, male and female life peerages will be created to ensure a balanced representation of the different political parties. Expenses are also to be paid to peers. The idea

Offbeat | Norway TV on tenterhooks, impending rockslide

For days, local media have focused webcams on the isolated, rubbly mountainside of Mannen in western Norway. National broadcaster NRK is streaming it live on its website. Last week, 11 people

The Buzz | Italy president to testify in Mafia trial

Prosecutors and judges have arrived at Italy’s presidential palace for an unprecedented hearing to take testimony from the head of state in the trial of a former government official accused

World briefs

N KOREA South Korea’s spy agency says it has solved the mystery of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s 6-week public absence, which set off a frenzy of wild speculation

European Union | Barroso gets special Portuguese language send off

There was a special send off for José Manuel Durão Barroso, the outgoing President of the European Commission, with Portuguese-speaking countries ambassadors to Brussels holding a farewell lunch earlier this

nurse who had ebola will be released from hospital

A nurse being treated for Ebola will leave the hospital Tuesday after tests showed she’s virus-free, while another nurse quarantined against her will after treating patients in West Africa has

USA | Feds vs states: Who decides on Ebola quarantines?

  For Americans wondering why President Barack Obama hasn’t forced all states to follow a single, national rule for isolating potential Ebola patients, the White House has a quick retort: Talk to the

this day in history: 1998 Apartheid report accuses SA leaders

In the report into abuses under apartheid, former President PW Botha, Home Affairs minister Mangosuthu Buthelezi and Winnie Mandela are all singled out for their actions. The ruling African National Congress

Offbeat | Finland comic wins world’s funniest competition

“Countries don’t owe money to each other, countries owe money to banks,” says Ismo Leikola. “If the countries owe money to banks how stupid are the countries to pay. Like

The Buzz | Odds look good for Republican Senate take-over

American voters will cast ballots next week in an election that is seen as increasingly likely to hand control of the Senate over to Republicans and crush President Barack Obama’s

World briefs

AFGHANISTAN-CHINA The new Afghan president travels to China this week, signaling the pivotal role he hopes Beijing will play in Afghanistan’s future, not only in the economic reconstruction of the

Museum unveils story of rich Jewish life in Poland

In the two millennia between ancient Israel and its modern rebirth, Jews never enjoyed as much political autonomy as they did in Poland, a land that centuries later would become

Brazil | Rousseff faces challenges after narrow re-election 

Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff was re-elected by the narrowest margin in three decades, handing her left-leaning Workers’ Party its weakest mandate as it confronts some of the country’s biggest challenges

Briefs | Ukraine: Pro-European parties lead poll

With more than one-third of the votes counted, two allied pro-European parties in Ukraine that ran on a platform to enact tough reforms took a joint lead yesterday in a

This Day in History | 2001 – Christians killed in Pakistan massacre

The attack - the worst against Christians in Pakistani history - took place during a service attended by over 100 people at a church in the town of Bahawalpur. The identity

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