Corporate bits | CTM extends data roaming destinations

Following the launch of the “Data Roaming Passport (10 days)” service, CTM has announced 25 new destinations for the scheme.

This extends coverage to 59 countries and regions including Chile, Australia, Bahrain, Bangladesh, India, Kazakhstan, Papau New Guinea, Singapore, Sri Lanka, and Thailand, among others.

The telecommunications company said in a press release that it is keen to collaborate with international roaming telecom service providers to deliver multiple data roaming service options for users to extend service coverage.

CTM also introduced six “Data Roaming Passport (one day)” destinations such as USA, East Timor, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary and Malta, which means that there are now up to 30 available destinations for this service.

As the Chinese New Year is approaching, CTM is introducing a special offer to fulfill residents’ needs for telecommunications services on their travels.

From now until February 28, CTM mobile postpaid customers can subscribe to a selected Asian country/region’s 1G “Data Roaming Passport (one or 10 days) package at special rate of MOP38 or MOP380 respectively.

Since the first launch of 4G+ services last year, CTM has expanded roaming coverage, enabling customers to use 4G services overseas.

As of now, CTM has reached collaboration agreements with more than 100 major telecom service providers worldwide to extend 4G roaming services across China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Thailand, Australia, Portugal, the UK, the US and Canada, among others.

CTM said it will pursue more of these collaborations so that customers can experience unlimited 4G services.

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