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toe-1501For those who are looking for sophisticated dining options during Chinese New Year, celebrating at Ritz-Carlton, Macau’s Lai Heen is never a bad choice.
Each auspicious dining experience begins from the very moment a guest enters Lai Heen. The restaurant’s five private dining rooms, named after different precious stones from ancient Chinese culture, are ideal for intimate gatherings where one can raise a glass to a prosperous New Year within a truly exclusive dining venue in which to enjoy the fine art of culinary at The Ritz-Carlton, Macau.
Among the various special menus available during the magnificent season, the six-­course Lunar New Year Lunch Menu is the one that caught my eye. Guests’ palettes will be tantalized with the bold flavors of Deep-fried Hengshan Oysters with Grain Wine Sauce. These juicy oysters from Hengshan, signifying prosperity and good fortune, are paired with a tangy sauce made from fermented grain wine and toban chili bean sauce. This entrée will be juxtaposed with the freshness and delicacy of Steamed Shrimp Dumpling with Bamboo Shoots and Asparagus. The menu also includes Wok-fried Beef Tenderloin featuring a spicy shrimp sauce made by blending dried shrimps, garlic and chili powder. It is a dish that is sure to create a red hot start to the New Year.
Chef Bill has also carefully crafted an eight-­course Lunar New Year Dinner Menu featuring a myriad of wok-fried specialties. Roar into the New Year with Halibut Fillet with Yunnan Green Pepper and Yamabushitake Mushroom. “A key ingredient of this dish is a Japanese wild mushroom, also known as Lion’s Mane Mushroom, filled with antioxidants and other health benefits,” explained by Chef Bill.
The brilliant colors of Lotus Root with Pumpkin, Honey Pea, Lily Bulbs and Morel Mushrooms are presented in a beautiful edible golden nest, symbolizing a blossoming and blooming year ahead. The Wok-fried Brittany Lobster with Lily Bulbs and Asparagus in Homemade X.O. Chili Sauce is a perfect way to kick-start the year. Last but not least, the gluten-free and protein-rich Fried Rice and Quinoa with Alaskan Crabmeat is a toast to a healthy year ahead.
Finally, the Lai Heen Lunar New Year Premium Dinner Menu is truly a luxurious experience, featuring the finest ingredients paired together with the highest level of craftsmanship. For gourmands who are passionate about salutary diets, Chef Bill’s Double-boiled Snow Goose with Cordyceps and Dried Longan is the perfect choice. The protein-rich snow goose exudes the distinguishable taste of goose, while the cordyceps nourishes the lungs and kidneys and boosts the immune system. Not-to-be-missed items include Braised Yoshihama Abalone with Goose Web.
Dim Sum and à la carte menus are also available. Chef Bill carefully selects air-dried and salt cured oysters from Hengshan for their robust flavor in Baked Puffs Stuffed with Hair Moss and Dried Oyster. These are pan-fried with spring onion and ginger then oven-baked for extra crispiness and texture.

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