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Slightly away from the hustle and bustle of the Cotai Strip, Altira Macau is known among tourists and locals alike as one of the most luxurious hotels in town. This year, Forbes Travel Guide names it a Five-Star hotel in its annual Star Awards. The hotel has received this coveted honor for an entire decade. In Asia, only five hotels hold such an achievement.

Keeping up with the excitement this summer, Altira’s award-winning restaurants are presenting new menus, showcasing some of the rarest and most luxurious ingredients in the world. As a modern Mediterranean restaurant, Aurora’s menu includes creations that feature delicate white pearl caviar and earthy winter black truffles. Loire Valley White Asparagus is combined with spider crab, bergamot, Golden Oscietra White Pearl and sea urchin emulsion while Denaux Veal Ravioli exudes earthy flavors with confit onions, quail egg, fresh morels and truffles.

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Dominique Lonchart

At Ying, contemporary interpretation of authentic Cantonese cuisine is accompanied by sweeping views of the Macau peninsula. Signature smoked Iberico pork cooked over apple-wood chips wows the senses as homemade Shanghaiese noodles satisfy the tummy with a generous serving of braised beef short rib.

Finally, Altira’s signature restaurant Tenmasa is where the freshest and finest Japanese ingredients are prepared in an open kitchen. Using secret recipes favored by the emperor, the chef cooks up exquisite new dishes such as cedar sheet-wrapped seasonal Japanese mackerel and A5 Kagoshima Wagyu tenderloin with Hokkaido sea urchin. Irene Sam

Pranayama Breathing Master Dominique Lonchant is an expert in helping individuals to unlock blockage in the body associated with physical and emotional stress. From now until March 29, he is visiting The Spa at Mandarin Oriental, Macau, sharing his skills and insights with those who wish to gain an deeper understanding on how to achieve balance and complete relaxation.

During the Art of Breathing treatment, Lonchant teaches a series of movements to open up the ribcage and allow air to flow into the body fully and deeply. “Shallow breathing causes blockage in the chest. I developed a series of breathing exercises to basically rewire the brain for the body to breath in a different manner. When we breath, we are not thinking about it. Usually after one session, one will feel better,” he explains.

Pranic Healing is designed for those who are suffering from physical and emotional pain or just looking for deep rejuvenation. It involves Lonchant passing on healing energy to various points on the body, which will then circulate througout. “After the healing session one might feel tired, but in a good way because the body has received energy. Some tension might have been released and tranquility is restored, but that depends on each person as well,” he says.

Finally, people looking for answers about the past, present or future can ask Lonchant to use tarot to reflect the emotional, spiritual, intellectual and physical phases in one’s life. Born with the ability to detect an individual’s aura and energy, Lonchant acts as a guide or an assistant for one to find enlightenment on self, career, love life, family or business.

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