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One of the most amazing Chinese restaurants in town, Man Ho, located inside JW Marriott Hotel Macau is offering a one of a kind tea appreciation experience through offering unique tea dishes. Sharing luxurious experiences through the richness of authenticity, it is launching 13 tea dishes prepared with a twist, using the aroma of tea leaves as the secondary seasoning ingredient in a classical, Cantonese manner.
To further enhance this gastronomic journey, the knowledgeable Man Ho tea sommelier will be on hand to recommend tea pairings, balancing the aroma and fragrant notes of the tea with the natural goodness of each dish. Guests will also be able to witness first-hand the art of brewing a perfect cup of tea, as expert tea sommelier prepare tea in front of them.
Tea drinking and appreciation is an art, a longstanding hallmark of Chinese tradition dating back almost 5,000 years. The consumption of tea has for centuries been considered to be a symbol of high social status for aristocrats. True to JW Marriott Hotel Macau’s focus on the excellence of its culinary offerings, the renowned Man Ho Chinese Restaurant will take guests on a new culinary adventure to explore the depth and finesse of a variety of dishes where tea creates additional depth and tones.
The art of perfecting tea dishes goes far beyond marrying fresh ingredients with the precision of classic Cantonese cooking techniques. The true challenge is to retain the distinctive color, aroma and flavor of the aromatic tea. During the cooking or smoking process, the delicate tea easily loses their distinctive characteristics. For example, once green tea leaves are heated within a dish, it may lose its essential qualities. While presenting distinctive dishes, Man Ho’s chefs demonstrate their exceptional understanding of the characteristics of tea through harmoniously pairing it with exceptional ingredients to create the series of exquisite tea dishes.
On the menu, one of the must-try is the sautéed diced beef filet with wild mushroom and Dragon Well. Dragon Well Tea offers a multitude of health benefits, including anti-inflammatory and detoxification properties. It also aids in digestion and is an effective thirst quencher. Fungi will be combined with the finest West Lake Dragon Well and Lingzhi, allowing the fungi to soak up the essence of the tea before being stir-fried with beef to become a salutary dish.
Braised bean curd minced with shrimp paste and White Peony is another dish that wows the palate. White Peony Tea has a smooth and highly refreshing green taste with the flavor of fresh, raw buds. These subtle and delicate notes pair well with tofu, which also has a mild taste. In this dish, tofu absorbs the essence of White Peony Tea when steamed together, and is then deep-fried just before serving. Here, once again Man Ho’s chefs’ culinary precision and expertise elevates a seemingly humble dish to one that is exceptional.

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