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toe1902-1This month, MGM MACAU’s Aux Beaux Arts brings the famed wild blue lobster from the sea coast of Brittany to Macau. As the largest French peninsula with a long coastline, the picturesque district of Brittany is known to be a great gastronomic seafood destination. Brittany blue lobster, which has a distinct blue tinged shell, is prized for being sweeter and far more flavorful than their other clawed cousins. This slow-growing rare species can live up to 50 years old and weigh 190kg or more. Chef Elie Khalife, Chef de Cuisine of Aux Beaux Arts, only picks the best 500g serving sizes of blue lobsters to Macau to be used in the Restaurant’s sophisticated recipes.
MGM MACAU’s French Brittany Blue Lobster Promotion is infused with Chef Khalife’s genius creativity. Quinoa is a healthy, gluten-free grain that works beautifully in salads. Blue lobster and quinoa citrus salad with Mandarin Gel and Celery Sorbet – a light, colorful and citrusy appetizer – celebrates the official end to winter. Curry and tempura delicacies are highly sought after by local gourmets. Another starter, warm blue lobster on fennel confit with lemon sablé, yellow curry and lobster claw tempura is an East-meets-West fusion inspired by such hearty treats. The true flavor of blue lobster is heightened in blue lobster consommé with lobster carpaccio, cucumber andsSeaweed – a light soup with intense flavors, made from blue lobsters shells and enhanced with the refreshing tastes of cucumber and seaweed. The scrumptious dish truly is an entertaining experience as the thinly sliced lobster meat will be cooked by the sizzling consommé as it is served.
Main courses include butter poached blue lobster with pan seared foie gras, bisque reduction, celeriac and coriander, which perfectly matches the sweet blue lobster with the buttery foie gras; Chef Khalife chooses chicken oyster as the forgotten part of the poultry. Baked blue lobster Thermidor with garden green and shaved baby vegetables” is a classic French recipe that involves extensive preparations; the blue lobster is first cooked in cognac sauce until its indigo tint turns brick-red, then sprinkled with two types of cheese plus hints of Dijon mustard before being baked and sided with fresh salad.
After all, the luxurious fare deserves a perfect wine pairing, Aux Beaux Arts’ Sommelier Selection is specially offering uncommon lists – such as 2002 Bollinger James Bond 007 Edition, 2007 William Fèvre Chablis Grand Cru Bougros and the biodynamic 2000 Domaine Leroy Bourgogne made from the most advanced form of organic viticulture – at attractive prices.

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