Late summer and early autumn is the best time to get together with friends, relax and have a great time, because the weather is getting more comfortable before the freezing winter. In my opinion, enjoying casual Mexican cuisine while playing bar games in a chic environment sounds fantastic, and now we have a place in Macau that offers just that.
The temperature is set to rise around town with the opening of El Pinball Mexican Restaurant, a new stylish joint at SOHO in the City of Dreams. It is the perfect spot for a lively lunch or dinner, or to unwind with a drink among friends after work. At the venue, guests have the opportunity to sample the best-loved dishes and drinks of Mexico, as well as a variety of bar-snack favorites served up with a Tex-Mex twist.
From burritos and quesadillas to nachos and tacos, El Pinball’s menu features a range of Mexican comfort-food classics guaranteed to satisfy. Signature dishes include wild mushroom and herb stuffed poblano chilli with pumpkin sauce; chipotle and honey glazed pork ribs with caramelized onions; crab tostaditas with habanero, avocado and cucumber and New Zealand rib eye on cactus with chimichurri sauce.
The restaurant also offers seven varieties of taco and six different lip-smacking beef burgers, each with their own unique Mexican twist. Those with a sweet tooth will be delighted by traditional Mexi-desserts, such as house-made churros with hot chocolate, rice pudding, and chocolate and pecan tamale. There’s also a broad selection of drinks – including Mexican beers and tequilas – to wash it all down.
My personal must-order item on the menu is the totopos con salsa roja o guacamole los dos, fresh corn chips with roasted tomato salsa and guacamole. It is known that guacamole, an avocado dip, was first prepared by the Aztecs in the 16th century. Other than having an interesting history, the dish also benefits our health enormously.
Avocado is described by many health experts as a “super food.” Rich in monounsaturated oleic acid and phytosterols, it has nutrients such as vitamin E. For individuals who are crazy about anti-aging, it is good to know that the monounsaturated fats in avocado helps the skin to maintain moisture. Along with vitamin C, carotenoids, and omega-9, it will protect it from wrinkles.
While avocados keep us looking young, the large array of amusements at El Pinball will bring out our competitive spirit. From darts and beer pong to retro classic pinball, El Pinball offers games that allow us to be as playful as we want to be. Life is short and it’s a tough world out there. Work hard, play hard, and have fun before it’s too late.

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