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MGM Theater Presented “The Rebirth of Dance in China: Performance & Exchange Series”

MGM Theater presented “The Rebirth of Dance in China” 2023 Performance & Exchange Series: When Dance Meets Digital Art – “Non-numerical Series: Contrast” by TAO Dance Theater” in February. The performance marks a collaboration between TAO Dance Theater, with its performance named as one of the World’s 10 Best Dance Shows by Time Out New York; renowned experimental musician Xiao He; and the team of Leong Lampo, Professor of the Centre for Arts and Design at the University of Macau (UM). The three parties interweaved multiple art mediums, powered by cutting-edge audio and visual technologies of MGM Theater, to jointly create a brilliant feast of digital art and dance.

Brings Top-notch Contemporary Dance Performance to Macau

Pansy Ho, Co-chairperson and Executive Director of MGM China Holdings Limited, said, “Through the advanced technologies of MGM Theater, we aspire to co-forge new space for interdisciplinary arts. This time, we are pleased that the series of ‘The Rebirth of Dance in China’ can be staged again at MGM Theater, ushering in TAO Dance Theater’s maiden dance performance integrated with digital art. The show not only breathes new life into national style of dancing, but also rejuvenates Chinese culture and art, and helps enhance the standard of performing arts in Macau.”

TAO Dance Theater is China’s prestigious contemporary dance troupe. It is also the first dance group in China to be invited to perform at the Lincoln Center Art Festival in the United States, Edinburgh International Art Festival in the United Kingdom, Sydney Opera House in Australia and Theatre de la Villie in France. It employs a simple creative concept and body aesthetics to create its unique “Circular Movement System”.

The performance attracted nearly 1,000 audiences, and it was live-streamed on various social media platforms, allowing audiences worldwide to enjoy such a magnificent dance performance. After, the show founder and art director of TAO Dance Theater Tao Ye, together with Xiao He, Leong Lampo, as well as Luo Bin, Executive Vice President of CDA, shared their creative and collaborative concept of the show with the audiences.

Nurtures Next Generation  Dancing Talents

The show invited teachers and students of the Centre for Arts and Design of UM to create captivating digital images displayed on the world’s largest permanent indoor ultra-HD LED screen at the MGM Theater. On the other hand, MGM also organized a master class, where instructors of TAO Dance Theater demonstrated their unique dancing techniques and exchanged with 90 students and professional dancers hailing from dance schools in Macao. Its objective was to enhance dancing standards and cultural identity through the exchanges between local and mainland dancers.


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