midsummer-toeMacau is sizzling hot at this time of the year. Catering to the never-ending crave for an elegant, exceptional gastronomic experience of every well-heeled, discerning connoisseur, The Tasting Room at City of Dreams invites three-star Michelin Chef Bruno Ménard to bring us an extraordinary culinary journey into the heart of summer. Honored with the prestigious “Chevalier de l’Ordre du Mérite Agricole” for his outstanding contribution to French cuisine, Chef Ménard is also responsible for making L’Osier in Tokyo one of the best French restaurants in the world.
The design of The Tasting Room epitomizes the bubbling essence of a glass of champagne, reminiscent of the sparkling lights of Cotai on a remarkable evening. A continuous wall of windows links the splendor of Cotai to the dining ambience inside the exclusive venue. Enchanted by the twenty-meter long wine cellar wall at the entrance and an enormous crystal prism chandelier hung overhead, we enter into a world of luxury through the private room’s four-meter tall custom doors.
To start, a mini tomato stuffed with blue shrimp tartar tantalizes our senses along with a scoop of yuzu and tarragon ice cream. Sea flavors blend seamlessly with the herbal and citrus characteristic of the cool, creamy wonder. Finally, the mini tomato provides the perfect balance of acidity and sugar, enveloping the tartar.
Asian inspiration can be seen in the manner of which Chef Ménard prepares the foie gras. Unlike many French chefs who like to pan-fry the foie gras, he prefers to steam it, in fig leaf. The silky texture of the foie gras is impeccably preserved. Extra virgin olive oil and cocoa vinegar are added to slightly elevate the rich, luscious, velvety sensation of the marvelous creation.
The caramelized Brittany lobster comes next, with onion and saffron compote, rhubarb sauce. The strong, tart taste if the rhubarb contrasts beautifully with the sweetness of the onion. Main course is a roasted Japanese “Côte de Boeuf” with lime scented beef jus. Alongside the meat dish, a glass of De Stefani, Stèfen 1624 Rosso Veneto 2005 captures the eye.
The intense ruby red liquid boosts a bouquet of ripe forest fruits and violets on the nose. On the palate, a full flavor of sour cherries and ripe blackberries creates a lingering finish. It is impossible not to be seduced and mesmerized by the passion that is expressed through the taste of Marzemino, a late-ripening, dark grape variety grown in the Veneto region of Italy.
Concluding the meal, an opalis Valrhona white chocolate custard sweeps us off our feet with a layer of fresh, passion fruit nectar on top. Together with the berries and ladyfinger, the work of art is more than enough to get us moaning scandalously through the act of savoring the dessert.
While I am still frowning upon my dining companions’ improper behavior of moaning over food in public, the warm dark macaroon soufflé settles on our dining table. The fluffy, dark, cushiony texture of the lightly baked cake is a chocolate lover’s dream. The moaning goes on at our table, but this time I don’t mind at all. We are just enjoying the blissful moment.

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