INDIA | ‘Untouchables’ still forced to clean human excrement

Hundreds of thousands of impoverished, low-caste Indians are still working with their bare hands to clean human excrement from open roads and millions of dry pit latrines across the country,

INDIA | Jewish center reopens 6 years after Mumbai attacks 

Rabbis from across Asia yesterday celebrated the reopening of a Jewish center targeted by rampaging Pakistani gunmen who stormed through Mumbai on a 60-hour killing spree in 2008. The attacks on

INDIA | Stampede at Hindu holy procession kills 10

  A pre-dawn stampede killed 10 people yesterday as tens of thousands of Hindus were worshipping in an annual procession in central India, police said. Some 50,000 devotees had been marking the holy

THAILAND | Interpol seeks clues to ‘baby factory’ case

Interpol said it has launched a multinational investigation into what Thailand has dubbed the “Baby Factory” case: a 24-year-old Japanese businessman who has 16 surrogate babies and an alleged desire

INDIA | Poachers now threaten lesser-known animals 

Wildlife poachers, hindered by India’s efforts to protect majestic endangered animals including tigers and rhinos, have begun to think smaller. And activists say scores of the country’s lesser-known species are vanishing from

PAKISTAN | Thousands of protesters rally demanding Sharif step down

Tens of thousands of protesters thronged the streets of Pakistan’s capital Saturday, defying pouring rain to answer the call of a fiery cleric and a cricket star-turned-politician who are both demanding the

INDIA | Asbestos pushed as product for the poor 

The executives mingled over tea and sugar cookies, and the chatter was upbeat. Their industry, they said at the conference in the Indian capital, saves lives and brings roofs, walls

THAILAND | Australian case casts spotlight on business of surrogacy

For thousands of well-off childless couples, the dream of having a baby is often realized in places like Thailand and India. Ready to help them are young women who become

INDIA | Mudslide swallows village; at least 30 dead

Rescuers using earth-moving equipment and their bare hands dug through heavy mud and debris yesterday after a landslide engulfed an entire village in western India, killing at least 30 people and

INDIA | Landslide hits village, 150 may be trapped

Torrential rains triggered a massive landslide that buried a remote village in western India yesterday, sweeping away scores of houses and possibly trapping more than 150 people, officials said. About 100 rescuers

Gandhi to join Churchill, Mandela in London square

Katy Daigle, New Delhi A statue of India’s pacifist freedom fighter Mohandas K. Gandhi will be placed in London’s Parliament Square alongside other famous statesmen, including his political adversary Winston Churchill,

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