Offbeat | Puppy love: Westminster dog at the heart of a human romance

It’s a love story that all starts with Spuds MacKenzie. And this tale of puppy love — and human romance — gets a new chapter under the TV lights at the

Offbeat | Prosecutors: Thief dropped journal with list of homes to hit

Authorities in Tennessee say they busted a well-organized burglar after he allegedly dropped a notebook during a break-in that contained a list of other places he planned to target. Robert Shull

Offbeat | British Airways flight crosses Atlantic in less than five hours

For the first time in years, a commercial passenger plane has flown across the Atlantic in less than five hours. A British Airways flight landed early Sunday morning at Heathrow Airport

Offbeat | Puppy in crime: Deputies take man, dog into custody in theft

A Florida man and his furry “accomplice” were taken into custody by authorities who said the man shoplifted from a store. Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office said Logan Wilson was arrested Wednesday

Offbeat | Top films were more diverse than ever before, study finds

Hollywood’s awards season may not show it, but the most popular films are increasingly diverse, a new study finds. According to new research released this week by the University of Southern

Offbeat | Package labeled ‘Bag Full of Drugs’ leads to Florida arrests

Two men charged with drug trafficking could have done a better job hiding their wares than using a package labeled “Bag Full of Drugs,” Florida authorities said. Ian Simmons and Joshua

Offbeat | Mathematicians, geeks celebrate rare palindrome day

Mathematicians and geeks everywhere celebrated a rare occurrence Sunday, 02/02/2020, a kind of 8-digit palindrome that hasn’t happened for more than 900 years. A palindrome is any sequence, phrase or word

Offbeat | Florida man mistakenly pumps gas onto the deck of his boat

Mistakenly inserting a fuel nozzle into a fishing pole slot, a Florida man pumped $60 worth of gasoline onto the deck of his boat and the ground of a gas

Offbeat | Animal shelter says ‘world’s worst cat’ is up for adoption

The “world’s worst cat” is available for adoption — just ask the Mitchell County Animal Rescue organization in North Carolina. The shelter about 55 miles (89 kilometers) northeast of Asheville is

Offbeat | Cold-stunned iguanas expected to fall from Florida trees

The National Weather Service routinely warns people about falling rain, snow and hail, but temperatures are dropping so low in South Florida the forecasters warned residents Tuesday about falling iguanas. “This

Offbeat | Prankster appears in Australia court for driving flooded car

A social media prankster appeared in an Australian court on Wednesday charged in relation to driving a car full of water to a liquor store during a heat

Offbeat | Not easy being green: North Carolina dog births unique puppy

The Avengers may have gained a canine sidekick after a North Carolina family’s dog gave birth to a bright green puppy named “Hulk.” Gypsy, a white shepherd owned by Haywood County

Offbeat | SUV on grounds of Beijing’s Forbidden City sparks outrage

A Chinese woman sparked social media outrage in her country by posting photos of herself and a friend with a Mercedes-Benz on the grounds of Beijing’s Forbidden City. The reaction

Offbeat | ‘Send Nudes’: Drivers shocked by road sign’s racy request

Drivers traveling along a Kentucky highway didn’t have to check their direct messages to receive the infamous sexting request: send nudes. An electronic road sign that was hacked asked drivers on

Offbeat | Group hopes to prevent ‘opossum dropping’ on New Year’s Eve

A movement is growing in North Carolina to prevent the act of so-called “opossum dropping.” The practice involves suspending an opossum in a transparent box on New Year’s Eve and slowly

Offbeat | Man breaks into Taco Bell, prepares food, takes nap

Taco Bell wasn’t open on Christmas Day but a burglar in Georgia decided he wanted a festive feast anyway — and to take a nap while he was at it. Police

Offbeat | Man gets arrested in attempt to support jailed lover

Authorities in Kentucky say they’ve arrested a man who wanted to go to jail to support his jailed girlfriend. Raymond Pace, 47, was charged with offenses including possession of methamphetamine, heroin

Offbeat | Two men accused of gluing winning numbers onto lotto ticket

Authorities in Mississippi say two men attempted to scam the state lottery commission by submitting a losing ticket that had the winning numbers glued onto it. Odis Latham, 47, and Russell

Offbeat | Man left drugs, gun in designer bags at convenience store

Louisiana authorities are perplexed over why a man left apparent designer bags holding drugs, a gun, cash and a digital scale in a convenience store. The man went into the store

Offbeat | 2020 starts on frigid note with polar bear plunges

2020 began in frigid fanfare for hundreds of people who splashed through the Atlantic Ocean during the annual Coney Island Polar Bear Club Plunge. Swimmers wearing Santa hats and other costume

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