TASTE OF EDESIA | Spicing it up 

This week, Starworld Hotel’s signature restaurant Feng Wei Ju has been awarded 2 Michelin stars for the 5th year. Helmed by Executive Chinese Chef Chan Chek Keong who has more than 26 years of culinary experience, Feng Wei Ju is renowned for its tantalising Hunan and Sichuan delicacies meticulously and creatively prepared by a talented team. Chef Chan seeks to perfectly converge traditional culinary skills with diversity and innovation to harness novel ingredients, serving every epicure with the most authentic and unforgettable Hunan and Sichuan flavours in Macau.
On the menu, a must-try dish would be the boiled Mandarin fish fillets in chili oil. A team of chefs spend three days choosing and mixing over 20 different types of Sichuan sauces and spices to come up with a magic recipe for this chili oil. Fish fillets are then measured and cut to the exact same size, bathed in the chili oil and finally paired with fresh vegetables to ensure every bite is bursting with flavour. Pork neck meat with hot garlic sauce showcases highest quality pork belly carefully sliced into 2mm pieces by hand, revealing the fine texture of the meat. Then, the essence of the pork is unlocked by a mouth-watering garlic sauce. Crispy chicken fillets feature premium, cage-free chicken cooked so tender that each bite effortlessly falls off the bone. The meat is salted, deep-fried and covered in spices flown in directly from Sichuan for authentic flavour. Noodle lovers would be delighted by the sight of the Northern handmade noodles, which are hand-rolled by chefs using carefully chosen Mongolian flour. These noodles are then topped with tomato sauce, northern Chinese fresh pork and soybean paste for an irresistible combination. Irene Sam, MDT

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