11 Nepalese arrested for distributing child pornography

A group of 11 Nepalese men have been arrested by the Judiciary Police on allegations of owning and sharing pornographic videos depicting underage girls.
In a press briefing held to announce the case, the police disclosed that intelligence was received from the International Police (Interpol). After a preliminary investigation, the police deployed several teams to the 11 suspects’ workplaces – four different security companies – to make the arrests.
Some of them admitted to downloading or sharing the videos. Meanwhile, the police are trying to gain clues as to whether more people were involved in the case.
The 11 suspects, aged between 21 and 36 years, were charged by the police and transferred to the Public Prosecutions Office for further investigation.
According to the police, the intelligence was sent by Interpol in early August. Interpol discovered that the video was spreading via an overseas-run instant messaging system. The video was about three minutes long and depicted an underage girl having sex with a man.
Upon arresting the suspects, the local police seized several mobile phones containing the video. Seven of the suspects confessed, saying that they either downloaded the video from an unnamed website or received the video from their compatriots. They then continued sharing the video with colleagues or friends.
The other four men denied the accusations.
No barter of benefits between the suspects was involved, the police disclosed.
After analyzing the video, the police came to the belief that it was shot outside of Macau.
Several other child porn cases have been busted by the Judiciary Police with intelligence from the Interpol.
The police are reminding people that sharing pornographic materials involving underage people in forms such as videos or photographs constitutes a serious crime.
Reports of such activities should be made to the police. AL

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