Advisor calls for better barbecue appointment system

A member of the Advisory Council of the Municipal Affairs Bureau (IAM), Chan Ka Leong, has urged the local government to improve its appointment mechanisms for the city’s barbecue areas.
Chan’s proposal specifically concerns the capacity and utilization of the barbecue facility.
Earlier this month, the IAM introduced new rules to govern the reopening of BBQ facilities at the Hac Sá Beach Park in Coloane.
The IAM required all interested parties to make an online appointment before being able to use the grillers, but the booking system only accepted local resident identification cards. This provoked backlash from many in Macau who turned to social media to vent their anger.
IAM subsequently overturned the policy and made the barbecue areas available for non-resident workers as well.
Chan complained that the appointments are frequently booked out, but some people did not show up to use the grillers. Chan suggested that people should be charged for this waste of resources.
Chan suggested the local government create a waiting list so that when users cancel a reservation, the vacancy can be made available for those in the waiting list.
In addition, Chan believes that the government should also enable applicants to cancel or change a reservation through the appointment system.
It is Chan’s opinion that the government should also reopen the barbecue area at Dr. Sun Yat Seng Municipal Park, as well as other public recreational and leisure facilities.
The barbecue areas at Cheoc Van Barbecue Park and Ká Hó Height Barbecue Park are still temporarily closed as well.
According to Chan, the IAM is currently working to improve the barbecue appointment system.

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