Briefs | Angela Leong optimistic about National Day tourism


The managing director of SJM Holdings, Angela Leong, believes that the upcoming National Day Holiday will bring vitality to Macau’s economy. During a recent SJM event, Leong revealed that SJM’s hotel occupancy has not recorded a significant increase yet, but that the mainland’s resumption of issuing tourism visas has brought a positive impact to Macau. Leong acknowledged that the economy has been “pacified” for a period and that the National Day Holiday will not create a sudden change to the current status. She believes that a gradual and steady growth is a preferable scenario for Macau’s economy.

Training banknotes exchanged for casino chips

The Judiciary Police (PJ) has apprehended four men responsible for a scam involving HKD10 million. The victim in this case is a male Macau resident. The victim planned to exchange, with two mainland men, casino chips worth HKD10.6 million into HKD10 million in cash. The two mainlanders gave 9,949 sheets of training banknotes to the victim near the border gate. When the victim was counting the “cash,” the two handed the casino chips over to the third suspect and left Macau. Later, the PJ found the third suspect’s vehicle in Cotai as the fourth suspect, believed to be the mastermind, was being given the chips. The ‘mastermind’ refused to cooperate with the police authority.

Continuing education classes require more attendance

Students and lecturers involved in continuing education courses are required to take attendance twice for every class, according to an administrative regulation which comes into effect today. The administrative regulation is related to the 2020-2023 continuing education plan which suggested that the Education and Youth Affairs Bureau (DSEJ) should be responsible for providing devices to course providers to take attendance for both teachers and students. Learners and lecturers must use their ID cards to swipe into every class. The student’s first swipe in must occur within the 30 minutes before and 15 minutes after the class’ commencement. The second swipe in should occur within 30 minutes of the class’ completion. The lecturer must first swipe within the 30 minute window prior to the class starting, and secondly, within 30 minutes of the class finishing. Only when the aforementioned condition is met, is the attendance considered effective.

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