Briefs | Another man arrested for possession of child pornography


A retired local 65-year-old man, surnamed Tam, has been found by the Judiciary Police to be in possession of hundreds of sexual videos and images, the majority of which depict minors. The police, however, did not find that the victims were connected to Macau. The man was discovered uploading and sharing similar videos on the internet, which drew the attention of Interpol. Local police were notified by their international counterparts. At least two of the videos which caught Interpol’s attention depicted underage boys having sex with adult women. The local police are trying to trace the origin of the videos. The suspect has been handed over to the prosecution authority.

Man accuses friend of forgery, but police question account

An unemployed 66-year-old man, surnamed Lok, has allegedly falsely accused his friend of forging his signature to authorize the sale of his flat. After investigating, the Judiciary Police obtained proof that the signature on the authorization letter was in fact Lok’s own. The police also discovered that in 1996, Lok owed his friend MOP396,000 and had to sell his flat, which was located near the Red Market, to repay the debt. He earned about MOP1 million from the sale. Half of this went to Lok’s wife, while the other half was used to settle the debt. The police pointed out that Lok’s wife’s signature was also required in order to sell the flat, which suggests that the accusation was false. However, Lok has denied this.

Mass food poisoning reported from seafood platter

Five people fell ill with symptoms such as abdominal pain, diarrhea, fever, nausea and vomiting after consuming a spicy chilled seafood platter delivered to them on July 5. The shop that made the platter is located on Rua da Praia do Manduco in the Inner Harbor District. According to the Health Bureau’s epidemiological investigation, this incident was likely to have been caused by bacterial pathogens, judging by the patients’ eating records, the incubation period and their symptoms. Meanwhile, the Municipal Affairs Bureau has ordered the shop to stop selling the product and to sanitize the shop, especially the work area.

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