Briefs | Crash at Sai Van Bridge Taipa exit injures one


A private light vehicle yesterday violated the give-way signal and crashed into a scooter at one of the Sai Van Bridge’s Taipa exits, the Public Security Police Force has confirmed. The crash was first revealed when a video was posted in a social media group. The video was comprised of footage taken by the windshield camera of a taxi. In the video, the scooter was driving along the center lane of the ground-level roundabout on the Taipa exit of the Sai Van Bridge. When it reached the intersection of the exit with the roundabout, a Honda Civic crashed into the scooter, leaving the rider on the ground after being thrown into the air. The scooter rider is a local male of undisclosed age. The police said he was conscious upon being sent to Kiang Wu Hospital. His specific medical condition was unclear as of press time.

Woman makes false report after husband divorces her

A mainland woman has falsified a report to the police authority out of anger after her husband asked her for a divorce. The suspect is a 40-year-old mainland woman surnamed Wei. In 2017, Wei married her then-husband. After getting married, the man noticed that Wei had a gambling habit. In May of this year, the husband asked Wei for a divorce and married another woman. Since their separation, Wei has felt scorned by her ex-husband. On September 4, the woman falsified a report to the Judiciary Police (PJ) claiming her ex-marriage was a sham because her husband had charged her 100,000 patacas to get married. She added that once she got her Macau ID, she was set to pay another 200,000 patacas to her ex-husband. However, the PJ confirmed that the marriage was authentic and that the woman made a false report.

110 tons of moon cake ingredients exported to SARs

Over 110 tons of moon cake ingredients have been exported from Gongbei to the SARs, according to the Gongbei customs authority. With the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival approaching, the Hong Kong and Macau markets are demanding moon cake ingredients. According to Gongbei customs, a total of 110 tons of moon cake ingredients and moon cakes have been exported to the SARs through this specific port. The customs authority remarked that, in order to facilitate the export, the department put together a specific tactical team to expedite the transport of the food.

Police crackdown on illicit mahjong shop

The Public Security Police Force (PSP) has cracked down on an illicit mahjong operation. Earlier this week, the PSP followed up on a report regarding an illicit Mahjong business located in the northern district and raided the shop in question. The police officers found three automatic mahjong tables, 16 mahjong cohorts and one person suspected of being the owner of the business. All of the apprehended individuals are Macau residents aged between 30 and 66 years old. Thirteen were women and three were men. While the police raid was taking place, two of the people were playing mahjong. The suspected owner is a 61-year-old man. According to the customers, as part of the arrangement they pay the suspect 100 patacas per hour. The owner also admitted that he rents the shop for 15,000 Hong Kong dollars per month and that he has operated the business for two months.

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