Briefs | Indian man masturbates on bus in second sexual harassment incident


A 32-year-old man from India has recently been charged by the police with two counts of sexual harassment. On July 18, the man was charged with sexual harassment and was sentenced to be extradited from Macau. He remained in Macau due to transportation difficulties. Last Thursday, he was caught allegedly lowering his pants and rubbing his genitals against a 24-year-old woman until ejaculating while on the bus. Out of fear, the victim did not raise the alarm on the bus. However, she yelled for help when she alighted at a Cotai bus stop and saw the man following her. The suspect admitted the crime to the police.

Three more nude chat scams reported to police

Three people have been blackmailed as part of a nude chat scam and have lost a total of MOP109,000. All cases are being investigated by the Judiciary Police. One of the victims, a male teacher, aged 27, who has incurred no losses, told the police that on August 21 he came across a woman on a social media platform. He participated in a nude chat for 10 minutes and was asked to pay MOP40,000. He did not pay the money and reported the case to the police. The other two victims were an 18-year-old male student and a 26-year-old waiter. They were blackmailed for MOP95,000 and MOP14,000, respectively. Both paid the money but they were further blackmailed, hence they approached the police.

Customs seize MOP3.8m in merchandise from smugglers

Recently, the Macao Customs Authority has monitored shops suspected of smuggling near the Border Gate, based on intelligence shared by mainland authorities. On August 20, the local authorities raided a shop that stored a large number of cosmetic goods. Individual smugglers had been hired to move the goods across the border in small batches. The local authorities seized more than 5,900 goods with an estimated value of MOP3.8 million. A shopkeeper, three staff members and 11 alleged smugglers were arrested. If convicted, they may face a maximum fine of MOP50,000. The shopkeeper is also suspected of violating the Non-resident Worker Employment Law.

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